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Christmas is over and I am fat

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Well, to be honest it had been creeping on before christmas – but over the festive blow-out I felt so sluggish and FAT. No clothes fitted and seeing all the new pics of me (on my new fab camera) were bluergh.

Had a great christmas, ate loads and had a good new year with friends.

Back to work today and yesterday I enrolled online on Weightwatchers! Me!? Can you believe it?! I can’t. But as it cost me over £30 for three months Beth & I will be bloody well sticking to it as well.

So food shop, straightening the house, dismantling the xmas tree etc beckons at the end of work today, plus a run with the dog.

New rota with the girls starts today thankgod. Although there is still believe it or not scope for someone to contradict/change their minds and blame me for how it falls…. ha ha. 2010 is a great year for divorce methinks.

Happy New Year Y’all

(target is one stone in two months hopefully)

Today 11stone

Bye Bye to food excesses...


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