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Nine days in and I’m Hank Marvin

NINE DAYS! and I am not skinny. WTF?! Porquoi?

Started at 11 stone and was 10st 11lbs on Sunday (weigh in day) not bad but Stu has lost about 6 lbs. Bloody easy for men huh?

I have been really good and not cheated. Only three vodka/slimlines at the weekend and no crap. No wine since 10 days ago, no chocolate and no crisps, no taramasalata.

Bought Davina Fit with Beth on Sunday and have not been able to walk properly since – although am going to do it again tonight when I get in.

Supposed to be booking flights for Spain this week – don’t know if we should go if we are moving – may suggest we go camping instead!  Am sure that their father will be taking the girls somewhere exotic…

Apparently more snow forecast for tonight… we’ll see. (They said that yesterday)

This was Beth last week in the snow


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