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Diet schmiet

Why the bloody hell am I not Kate Moss yet?  Its been weeks! (well 2.5 actually) AND I have not cheated and I do exercise!… all the things I preach. 4lbs in two and a half weeks. Crap.

Twitter has been down for an hour and I was really beginning to hyperventilate, which is another addiction to add to my collection. I really felt like I didn’t know what was going on! How sad?

I have made a resolution though, that I am not going to use the Diet word anymore. I am boring myself with my need to lose a stone and its all not good.

From now on I will do (and NEVER mention again) thus

  • Only drink on weekends – and only more than two glasses if it’s a social event (should be alright, only have about 1 every other month)
  • I will exercise every other day, the bare minimum being an hours dog walk – which actually means EVERY day)
  • I will try to give up sugar. I have given up semi-skimmed to drink water-milk (skimmed) so I know I am tough enough to do this.
  • I will not buy any crap foods for chez moi. If anyone else wants crap they can buy it and eat it on the doorstep or it will go in the bin with washing liquid squirted over it.
  • I will stick to 20pts a day and not waiver – AND not eat the points I bank through exercise, otherwise its a waste of getting lycra on.
  • I will never mention the word DIET or weight loss again.

I am sure that the last point ACTUALLY will be a big fat lie. Because *IF* I am successful I will be bleating on about my success and perfectness for months.

Anyway, think I am going to have to take the office christmas decs down as no other bugger will.

*Still* hanging in our office window... saddos


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