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Lo and behold

(sshhhh I did lose another lb this weekend, but I’m not talking about it)

Had a manic but fun weekend…. just about to finish work at four so that I can go home and actually attack a bit of the housework etc before this week really kicks off.

Friday night went to Ellie’s house night – there are some children with a lot of confidence at that school – it amazes me every time I go there. They all get up and have a go in front of 200 people – not all talented but their enthusiasm is enviable. When I think about the fuss that the solicitors at work make about doing a lecture or talk to journalist. Pfft.  Ellie was one half of Jedward – very funny and again not scared to strut her stuff across the stage. A couple of really good singers, a great guitarist and an amazing dancer.

Saturday we went to the smoke – eventually after a crappy journey with buses and trains as rail works between Newbury and Reading. Went to the diet and fitness show, which was a right waste of time. Then to the new Abercrombie store – Ellie loved it and wished she had had her picture taken with the model!

Had dinner at Satsuma – much better value than Wagamama’s.

Ellie's Sushi at Satsuma

The girls definately had fun tho…

Having fun


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