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End of the week – TFFT

This week has been a real shit. Honestly. If it were a person it would have been given an ASBO.

Pranged car, yucky docs appt, weight yo-yo, running, poverty.  It’s not been a barrel of laughs for sure.

But today is Dress Down Friday – woo, and indeed, hoo. No jeans are allowed on Dress Down Friday – Hello? What else are we going to dress down in? Beige ‘slacks’ from M&S? Therefore today I am wearing black jeans to work… kinda rebellious, kinda being a wimp.

Am really looking forward to tonight – I may have a cheeky G&T tonight as a treat – for tomorrow I have a heavy binge day – three course lunch at the rugby club, followed by a blow out at the pub to see a friends band.

I am not doing follow Fridays this week – last week I was in the mood, this week it seems I am not.

CBB tonight. Please don’t let Vinnie win, Stephanie or Alex.  Which means that I am left with Dane Bowers.  Am kinda glad that this is the last one, I never wanted to be involved with it as it is always such a monumental waste of time. But it IS real brain dead TV, which I DO like…. just like Come Dine With Me – which is ultimate brain durge but addictive…

BTW I have fallen hard for the iPad. I WANT ONE. I may have to wait for a laptop or decide that I have iPad instead when I fully bone up on what I’d be missing out on!

And another BTW – Am totally and utterly BORED by the iPad bashers – yeah yeah – there’s no point to it… etc I (globally recognised amateur gadget princess and IT guru) said that about the iPhone (not, the iPod like some did – even I am not THAT stupid) – why do I need all that?  The iPhone is now an attachment to my arm and I would be more upset if it left me than I would if my OH did. #fact.

How sexy? Very.


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