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Monday Slumday

Eeeew horrible Monday feeling. Really lethargic and cheesed off. Don’t ask why. I may tell you, then you’ll die of boredom.

Had a good weekend, met Stu’s new niece Beatrice. very gorgeous

Baby Bea

A week old and very gorgeous.

Beth ramped up her baby nagging as she wants a sibling.

She’ll need some patience there.

Diet way off track.  I am on ant-bionics for my tooth, Wednesday is Root Canal Day! Woo hoo.

How much excitement can a girl take in one week?

On the upside, I didn’t have to go to Swindon today and I have managed to get some work done.

On the downside?  I am to start decorating the bathroom…. and boy, you won’t believe how bad I am at decorating!  Am desperate to be creative and practical, but apart from cooking, I fail miserably!

Talking of cooking, I cooked coq au vin yesterday (which is why I mentioned that my diet has hit the wall) A WHOLE BOTTLE OF RED went in….! Good ole Delia. But it was rather scrummy…

Vin avec Poullet


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