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Another Friday Post

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It seems to be a bit cathartic to exhale the strains of the week with a blog post.

It’s been a much brighter week and I have managed to get out with Hamish and his pals a few times which is good and the first of the blooms are out on the gorse at Greenham Common – always a good thing – spring is arriving in Newbury.

First flowers at the common

Had a couple of nice walks, (waistline is saying a I need a hell of a lot more!) but feeling like my SAD disorder (undiagnosed and actually an excuse for my moodiness) is receding.

Still no major developments to report… no change on the  house sale/buy/rent debates.

Girls at home for the weekend, which is nice, looking forward to a normal relaxing time with them (give or take a few hormonal tantrums).

I wish I had something more interesting to blog, but apparently this blog wouldn’t be mine ‘if it wasn’t a bit dull from time to time – that’s your life’ (thanks Josephine, who’s LEFT ME ALONE at work to trot off to the Newbury Races today *sulks*)

I am going to start that positive imaging thing like Nate, at least that means that *something* will happen. And then I can use my digital camera.


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