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It’s only bloody sunny!

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And this morning was another great morning for poop patrol. Dog Owners – I could always do an app for Poop patrol? Probabilities of the poop pick-uppage days?  Seller?  I think so.

Very sunny day today and even a trip to Swindon has not dented my good mood. Had a very nice weekend with the girls, a very very long lunch in Carluccio’s on Saturday and I was even naughty greedy enough to have a dessert wine and dipping biscuit thingy instead of a pudding (I laugh in the face of weightwatchers points).

Dunkin Biscuits

Actually tastes like a bloody strong sherry trifle, but I suppose that’s rather common to admit!

Afternoon drinking doesn’t suit my rock chick image – after 2 bottles of red (between four of use, I hasten to add) and the said dessert wine, I was a little tipsy (yes, *again*) managed to go and blow some money in the shops but also was overcome with  drunken shoppers guilt and couldn’t go mad in Nars and Bobbi Brown like I had promised myself…  (also hate people watching me spending money like water…)

So Saturday night I think I passed out just as MOTD was starting.

Sunday took Bethie to her dance thingymajig and set about recreating myself as the Sunday 1950’s Housewife, cooked a Beef in Ale with Dumplings and a sponge pudding, ironed, washed and cleaned in between too….


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