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Last night I arrived home from a school meeting with DD1 (about science and RE GCSE modules) to be greeted with a stonking great big iMac on my dining room table… complete with all my pictures and a very proud looking Stu who acted like it was a present for me!


It is a rather sexy piece of kit I must admit, and I so want to be completely apple fluent although I sometimes get a bit testy when I can’t do something immediately.  Although we are running windows on it apparently (I haven’t got close to it yet)…

The dining room had to be re-arranged to accomodate this addition to the family – and it still doesn’t look right so I will be playing Interior Designer when I get home tonight.

I still however, have a yearning for an iPad. I am officially un-pleasable I think and very ungrateful, but the iMac is truthfully more of Stu’s plaything at the moment (until I get photoshopping crazy, then no-one will get a look in). And I hate to think what I’m going to end up doing with the camera…

Today is going by rather fast and I am still in a rather chipper mood!?  Josephine has been in important deal making meetings with solicitors all morning – so I *think* we are off out on Friday, after work,  to paint Newbury red and have a few cheeky celebrationary cocktails for their latest property deal.  I must find an appropriate present… although I can’t state here as she is one of two people that read my blog, so she’d then know what is was.

It’s not yet Friday though and her phone has just got a text (she famously only gets two texts a week, one from the bank with her overdraft and the other from Chicago’s nite-spot in Newbury begging her to come back and dance again)  Think its time to head to Nero’s and have an office gossip – and tell me WHO on earth would text her on Tuesday!? I’m bloody sat here and its not me!


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