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A Cosmetic Walking Queen

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Well the cosmetic conundrum was settled in the normal manner. This being, I walk into the department store, I am greeted by heavily made up cosmetic professional who renders me a gibbering wreck and I end up buying ALL aforementioned requirements from her brand as am too inept at saying ‘No, let me shop around, and no, get away from me with that foundation…’  She was a Clarins woman.  I *think* that I managed to conceal my terror when my purchases were sub-totalled on her till…

Still if I look like Claudia Schiffer inside a week it will be worth it.

Friday night went for a lovely Thai meal and had my favourite starter (beef thing with chilli’s, lime and nam plas dressing thingy)

The beef thingy

Add to that a lovely Thai Green Curry with prawns the size of my fist and a chilled bottle of Sauv Blanc and this Emma was a happy lady.

I don’t think the pre-dinner, double G&T was a good idea as I passed out almost immediately on returning home.

Saturday broke, a beautifully clear and sunny day, so I took up the offer of a 10 mile walk. (Guilt at the over indulgence a motivational factor I think).

Walk was from Newbury,  through Greenham Common, past the picturesque redundant Nuclear Bunkers and along all 1.5 miles of ex-US air base runway (now less tarmac and more gorse and prostrate cows).

One that got away

We then meandered through miles of fields, until finding the pub stop at Crookham Common, which was called the ‘Traveller’s Friend’.  This pub name is inappropriate. Dogs are not even allowed in the garden. So we had to have our pint and exceedingly rank baguette and stingy on the cheese ‘cheesy chips’ on a bikers bench by the front door, eye to eye with the wall mounted ash tray and overgrown flower ciggarette butt bed.

Not one for the ‘Good Pub/Food Guide’.

We continued to Midgham through a beautiful bridal path, through vast swathes of Snowdrops bathed in sunshine with Hamish carrying his 4ft tree trunk, bashing us in the back of the knees every time he over-took us.

We decided to walk back to Thatcham down the canal, where Hamish actually did nearly catch us a swan or two.  Lovely part of the canal until you reach Thatcham and walk past at least two miles of warehouses and distribution centres – a huge industrial area.

We jumped on the train at Thatcham (sure the fellow travellers loved Hamish’s ‘just out of the canal’ aroma).  And wandered home.

Then discovered I had actually walked 10.6 miles. Without moaning! Seriously must be good at this walking thing, and realised it’s why I hate Julia Bradbury so much – it is jealousy! She has my job!

(n.b. in my post walk euphoria and delirium I also agreed to do the Moonwalk – the one for charity, not Michael Jackson going backward thing. That’s 26 miles! In the dark! In a bloody bra!)

Did tapas and a few glasses of red and fell asleep with amazing ease again!

Sunday, I picked up the girls and we went to my Mother’s for dinner.  We visited my Granny in her home… she has a new ‘boyfriend’, Arthur. Although they both have dementia, so it’s a bit like 50 First Dates, still, at least they don’t get to that bored stage with each other…

We had a lovely roast and an afternoon of tv, then a family battle over Uno Extreme. It got tense.  I don’t know why everyone is so bloody competitive. But I won the most games….


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  1. Ha, catching up on some of your other blog posts and saw this. Nice to read your review of the Traveller’s Friend, as it is the pub just about next door to our house.

    Having moved here in January, I have still only been in to that pub to by a Saturday newspaper and not yet gone in for a drink. Something about it just seems to lack character; and not sure about the hospitality either. Your comments help there.

    Plenty of nice old pubs in the area. Just a shame the one that is three minutes’ walk from home has little to recommend it. 😦

  2. In defence of the pub, I should say that the garden looks very neat and two reasons why they may not allow dogs in there are that (a) it is set up with a children’s play area, and (b) they do have aviaries with cockatiels and an owl, which could be an issue with many dogs (and their owners’ control).

    Doesn’t help with the food quality and other seating issues though.

    • I know – the birds are what I thought – and also did you see how tame the goats are?!
      They were friendly enough but, like you said , it really lacks warmth and character. Shame as its not a bad place and bag in the middle of a load of footpaths for walkers 😦


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