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Manic Mum seeks new look

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That’s hairstyle not shop by the way.

A very busy couple of days, yesterday was so manic.  School run in torrential rain, took girls for a coffee on the way home in Sainsbury’s. Ellie was complaining of a sore throat since the morning and then insisted on walking to Beth’s school with her friends, to be collected – in torrential rain, in her school blazer (coats are like, so not cool Mother).

Went to Ellie’s school with her to meet her teacher and have a progress report. She is doing really well, had a glowing report, to by amazement (as she never seems to do any homework) and heard that she had actually asked to be ‘put up a group’ in Maths! I heard her speak lots of normal sentences and articulate really well about the ‘targets I have set myself for next term’…. I sat there with my mouth open as she never talks about school at home. I just get ‘ug’ when I ask how school is going or if she has had a good day!  I’m sure the teacher thinks I am simple.

Then we got caught in a Thunder Storm! My big bugger Land Rover Umbrella blew inside out (it’s supposed to be tough!) and there was lightning and everything!  Ellie soaked again, and this time when I checked her throat she really had managed to cultivate tonsilitis. 😦 So home to bed for her.

Took Beth to school for her second night of ‘Pied Piper’ production. Nipped back to check on Ellie and drug her up, then went back to school to purchase a tepid cup of industrial strength tea and watch the production.  It was very good! (Pied Piper, not tea.)

Then went home, and finally took my coat off, cooked some pasta and nursed my poorly baby.

OH arrived home in night from his event in London and started vomiting at hourly intervals, with what sounded like a sound system and very big speakers in the bathroom.

This morning I have two ill people, estate agent calling to try to book viewings and working from home on a deadline, in between Lemsip runs and checking that OH is still breathing.

Girls off to their Dad after school, so I am then back to work to finish a few things, and then I will collapse with a G&T and watch Masterchef (which I am inexplicably looking forward to – and its nothing to do with Pudding Face or Hamster Cheeks presenting either).

Now, tomorrow I have ‘proper, pukka’ hairdressers booked for 11.30am. Mrs Merrick is going in earlier to have her mane tended to so I am treating myself to a styling for the ‘Creative Director’ (please).  I am now (if you have not already guessed from previous decision-making posts) in a state of dilemma. A chin length bob vs longer choppy style with severe but uber modern heavy fringe… (I’m thinking Claudia Winkleman in my head, but reality will be Gail Platt)

Ideas are along these lines – yes, I *know* that I won’t look like this.

The Claudia


I am going to do a Poll! for my two readers! (lets hope they pick the same thing? otherwise I am still buggered.)

Thanks in advance for your help. I may add that my DD’s think having the Bob is a huge mistake as I look like a man with shorter hair, view shared in fact by my mother. *frowns*

In other news – I am so touched and amazed by the support I have had for my Moonwalk and the donations that my friends and family have made *blushes*  I really thought I was billy no mates. Thank you so much x – we really are doing well!


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  1. oh oh oh this is so hard…. gail platt or bob gail platt or bob…. hhhhhmmmmmmm you always have bob (oh ok not always but you have had bobs before)… I say winkleman fringe but only if you keep it all forward and down start sweeping it sideways aka gail platt and then it will sort of grow into a bob anyway… so everyones a winner yeaaaaaaaaaaaay I thought it through and have a result… now going to vote in the poll – ohhhhhh I FEEL SO X FACTOR JUDGE STYLIE …… going to press my buzzer on the platt look and thumb up the winkles….

  2. NO NO NO THE PLATT LOOK IS AHEAD…. BY ONE… HOW DO I VOTE AGAIN…. everyone press winkleman…. tis true Gail Platt look is the least of her worries… fring fringe fringe…. errrr it won’t look “mumsie” will it….. no you are too uber cool for that….. (she says sniggering to herself not to tell you if it does but to chuckle outload randomly throughout the day with glee)…. after all you know full well my jennifer anniston look I am going for is going to turn into marjorie from little britain fat fighters…

  3. I’ve been looking around and actually am impressed by the good content material here. I work the nightshift at my job and it is so boring. I have been coming here for the previous couple nights and reading. I just needed to let you know that I’ve been enjoying what I’ve seen and I look forward to reading more.

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