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All that palavar and I went with the masses and went BOB.

Everso Serious Haircut

Well, actually it wasn’t that easy.  I got to the hairdressers and debated with both Mrs Merrick’s hair dresser (who was mid high-lighting her mane) and then mine, who even bought a pen and pencil for our ‘planning meeting’!  Bet she was sorry she asked ‘What are we doing today then?’

I had made the mistake at nonchalantly flicking through an old OK! (love that exclamation mark) mag when I arrived.  In it was Dani Minogue (fabulous bob) and Sonia from Eastenders with a *kind of* uber fringe. No Winkleman in sight.  So, this rapidly put paid to the Winkelman Uber Fringe as an option. Sonia killed it. Dead.

My hair then didn’t take that long – I had to go through an aromatherapy head and shoulder massage (in hindsight it was obviously to shut me the hell up).  We debated the different ways of styling and agreed (silently) that it probably was going to be luck of the drawer when I got it home. (the bob).

I had agreed to wait for Mrs Merrick – who must have the longest hair/hairdressing visits IN THE WORLD. 2 bloody hours I sat and chatted inanely to her and her stylist. AND bloody ended up buying more Aveda product! I did annoy Mrs Merrick by taking loads of pics of her mid-hair style… and there are not many people who do an impression of an Afghan Hound this well outside of the Birmingham NEC.

Mrs Merrick does Afghan Hound impression

Anyway. Alls well that ends well – we went and had a boozy lunch, a meander round the shops and twinkled home. It was a lovely girly day in all.

Sunday – another fabulous day. Stu went off to the rugby for the day and I farted about with my camera on a long walk with H and then on my beloved iMac.  Pretended to have slaved over the ironing for a bit, then got carried away with the relaxed vibe of the weekend and ended up necking a WHOLE bottle of vino blanco all by my lonesome.  Headache Monday morning. Big time. But it was good.

p.s. as bloody predicted can’t style bloody bob for bloody toffee.


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  1. Lookin’ fahbulous darlink! 😀


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