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Easter and stuff

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It’s been a while since I updated.  Life has taken over and my internet dongle at home ran out of juice until today.

Easter has been and gone, yet the chocolate is hanging around taunting me.

On Good Friday we went to Petworth to visit family and had a lovely day, eating and a long walk around Petworth House. Saturday we had a lazy day, Sunday we met with my parents and friends at The Trout Inn in Wolvercote (a Morse pub in Oxford) and walked 5 miles to Eynsham along the Thames Footpath to the pub and back again (I lied and told the girls that we were walking a mile!)  It was a stunning day and a fabulous walk. Even walked back through a farm, so I bored everyone taking hundreds of photos of the piglets and cows!

The Walkers

On Monday we helped Mrs Merrick and Mr Merrick into their fabulous new home, from now on they will be called Lord Merrick and Lady Merrick (the infection has gone and they bear no resemblance to the Merrick family anymore, it’s just a term of endearment really!)

Spent the whole weekend eating crap and take-aways… Even the ten miler didn’t seem to do a lot for the snugness of my jeans.

This last week has been spent with girls and a couple of mornings at work, very boring, but have managed to get a few things done.

I am only at work for two days this week, so must plan something for next weekend. I am sorry this is such a boring post, but really, even the most windswept and interesting people have their off weeks.


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