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Tweets Sweet and Sour

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I have thinking about what I like and dislike about Twitter.

I started tweeting in earnest in October 2009, and in that time I have attracted 600 followers, have chosen to stalk follow over 550 tweeters and have tweeted over 10,500 inane musings.

Predictably, I began my twitter life with the immortal tweet…. ‘Trying to work out what this is all about…’ Oh, what a sad newbie I once was! *laughs with a gay tinkle*  But even more sadly, I don’t think my tweets have become any more interesting after 10k plus practises!

I recently thanked/mentioned @mediocre_mum for her help in ‘getting me launched’ by introducing me to some of her lovely followers, at the stage that we tweeted, I really was clueless and follower/followee poor. Which really makes Twitter kinda pointless.  As I have said before Twitter is all about WHO YOU FOLLOW.

I can’t really explain why I follow who I follow.  What I do know is, that among the hundreds I do follow, none of the über followed Twitter-Super-Stars are followed by me.  Ashton, Demi, Oprah, Britney et al.  All those with mega followings – even the British Twitter King, Stephen Fry, are not followed by me.  Again, I don’t know why, but following the masses per se never appeals to me. In fact it deters me. I don’t have anything against these celebs, I do follow some celeb tweeters,  but they tend to tweet as normally as Joe Public and indeed engage with mere mortals as well as their fellow celebs.  The informative @mashable is the most greatly followed tweet account that I follow – and that’s purely because of content and not Pete Cashmore (although I am sure that he is a lovely bloke.)

I love Twitter for a number of reasons;

  1. You can make new friends and meet people – I have new genuine friendships and have had ‘real-life’ meetings with people I have met through Twitter. I have met more people locally, than I would have done, connected with people internationally and have also been roped in to raise money for charity and take part in the Moonwalk this year with a twitter friend and her family.
  2. It is a genuinely amazing feed of information, breaking news, goss, footie scores and advice from fellow tweeters, news feeds and companies. I can’t total the times that I have heard breaking news through Twitter before the conventional methods. Sometimes its a bit off-beat, but a few searches normally either confirms or dispels the early tweet breaks.
  3. Watching a favourite TV programme with twitter in hand can make me belly laugh.  Mass observations, shared reactions and downright catty comments make it a must for many of my fave programmes.  Like having your mates round to watch it, without having to get dressed or make them drinks. (by dressed, I mean presentable not *actually* dressed, I do wear clothes watching tv on the sofa).
  4. It fills boring downtime – waiting for the train, long journeys, lunch breaks or simply laying in bed/bath.
  5. Your follower/friends can offer a smile, support and sympathy when you have had a crap day, or have something you are excited about to share.
  6. Great advice/help from people who *know* things – we went to Brighton for the day and I tweeted about some places that are ‘must-do’s’ on the way down in the car. By the time I had arrived, we had a planned itinerary and locally recommended dining venues from @nikkib, who I had not tweeted with before. The Thai restaurant was fab.
  7. I have won prizes through Twitter too!  Not only a t-shirt from the amazing @chasingvegas, but also over £200 worth of racing tickets and cocktails from Mahiki Nightclub at @NewburyRaces! Definitely appreciated!
  8. There are no annoying kids on Twitter! Yey! They are wrapped up with Facebook and MSN and long may it continue!
  9. I love Twitter because it’s not Facebook – none of those crappy Farmville, ‘populate my goldfish tank’ crappy games and shitty quizzes, thank the lord.  FB has one good use – sharing photos with children, and other strange people who don’t ‘get’ Twitter or Flickr.
  10. It reinforces my theory that people are funny.  There are a lot of genuinely funny, grumpy and caustic people out there that are amazingly witty. I love them.
  11. That there is an UNFOLLOW button and a BLOCK button. Simples.
  12. That its relaxed, you don’t have to get back to people in a certain time limit – it’s strictly when you’re on, you’re on…

Me and Lady P at the Twitter Mahiki Winners Races

In comparison, the things I don’t like about Twitter are less in number and matter even less;

  1. Tweeters who tweet the same old, everyday, every week, same old moans, groans. Yeah we get it.  I don’t mean the odd ‘off’ day or rant against something that has annoyed – it’s the same old moan about the same old thing that drives me to hit ‘Unfollow’
  2. Diva strop and attention seeking ‘no-one is talking to me, I’m misunderstood, I might as well leave…’ = *pushes button* UNFOLLOW
  3. I love a good debate, but when people get spiteful and nasty,  ‘PUSH THE BUTTON’ – It’s ONLY Twitter!
  4. How addicted I am – it’s truly ridiculous.
  5. How it is IMPOSSIBLE to describe why I do it and why I love it. Bloody impossible.

So in a nutshell, I loves Twitter, I truly do. There are some great tweeters I admire and some genuinely funny and unique tweet accounts that make me laugh out loud… most of them I have listed under imaginatively named lists such as ‘Make Me Laugh’ and ‘Worth a Follow’

I’m @emmersimms – if you’re not tweeting then don’t worry about it, if you are and we’re not following mutually then please drop by. (but leave the diva fits and moans at the login).


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  1. I think you have summed up Twitter to a tee for me, I love and hate it in pretty much the same manner.

    I’m trying to ration myself however, I’m a bit concerned about how addicted I am…lol

  2. Oh such wise and hearfelt words Em!

    Reminds me of my earliest days blogging when I travelled down under and blogs weren’t actually called that. Long since deleted to protect the guilty it was full of candor rather than canderel!

    So know that I love your blog and shall be back often now I have found it!

    Btw: Tweet and Sour surely though?

  3. Elly - fairywishes

    I read that and thought – wow I’m glad you haven’t unfollowed me yet! I sorry I moan so much, but I also do lots of information tweets too. Infact I sometimes read mine back & think yep that’s me a collective mashup of lots of different areas of interest. I love twitter & love inane tweets, but I can’t explain why to people & I struggle why people #ff me. Mad people I’ve meet, different types of people, company, laughter, sadness, shared things it’s all there. Love it though :o)

  4. Not normally a blog reader but you got it spot on. 1 dislike of mine you missed, blip, 4sq, formspring et al – UNFOLLOW

  5. What a surprise Emma … I came across your blog courtesy of Twitter (via @nigelmorgan). There’s no doubt Twitter can become a passion. After months of saying ‘it’s just weird’, I was quickly hooked.

    I also totally agree with your comments about the celebs too. The majority just ‘talk’ and never ‘listen’. That’s not conversation, which is what Twitter is all about.

  6. We are at one with our addiction! 😉 I’m not admitting to being worse than you!! Or vice versa!

  7. I hear you Emma, I agree and I won’t be blocking or unfollowing you. I know my tweeters well and allow the rants…I have many myself…lol

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