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It’s been a funny old week

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I have been vacant lately (in blog land as well as literally).  Monday I had to go with my painful broken tooth to the dentist to have it taken out. I have a fear of dentists and also I have been wanting to have this tooth sorted for over a month.

I had three injections, without grabbing the dentist’s arm to stop him, and he started to do a filling by the tooth that was broken and hurting. Even with the injections, the air being blown into my mouth made me almost hit the ceiling when it hit my broken tooth. He stopped and said that I should wait outside for ten minutes while the injections took.  I was visibly shaking.  When I went back in he was able to do the filling, but said that as it was infected (the broken tooth) he may not be able to take it out today, and did I want to come back another time? No! Do it now, please. I pleaded.  So he got the pliers on it and again I nearly went through the ceiling, even though I could hardly talk for mouth numbness. So I was prescribed anti-bionics for the second time and sent away – for another two weeks – although the tabs only last five days. Bloody NHS dentists don’t give a toss.

The AB’s have made me feel sick and the pain at the beginning of the week (once injections wore off) was horrendous. So I hit the Tramadol.  Now the pain has gone, but have spent most of the week feeling incredibly tired and sickly. Twice this week I have been in bed by 8pm and feeling constantly sick. (am not still on the Tramadol btw – and thank you to @tramadolrehab who began to follow me on Twitter to warn me of the perils!)

In other news, I tried to go and have a few drinks with Lord & Lady P at the pub last night, but was cold, and tired and came home again. Don’t think we’ll be taking the dogs to the pub for a while, they were a pain in the butt.

I have another two house viewings today, so have spent the morning cleaning the house and tidying like a madwoman.  One is a second viewing, so fingers crossed as I can’t stand this constant tidying. I want to return to slovenly life thank you.

The election hype is building and I was comatose for the second of the Leaders Debates. I have had some research online for local candidates and have not unearthed much to help me with my quest in deciding who to vote for (as only one of them is on twitter, I can’t base my choice on the tweet quality, which is a shame.)

It does look like the 'Going for Gold' set...

I have had three leaflets, Green, Red and Blue. I have read these, and marked them on content and creative artistry. We also have a candidate for UKIP, Apolitical Democrat (no, I hadn’t heard of them either, and their national website is no help either, unless you like pictures of cats with fruit helmets – I kid you not.) and an Independent, although I don’t know whether any of these parties electoral budgets stretch to leafleting Newbury’s residents.  I guess it’s time for more online research on mandates and manifesto’s. Mmmm.


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