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Well we are beginning a new week here in Mundanesville.

It’s Lady P’s birthday today, so Lord P has whisked her off somewhere glam for the day, and I am stuck at work on my own.   So. Not. Fair.

Had a peaceful and relaxing Sunday yesterday, did not a lot, on my own all day, was lovely. And I finally feel a bit better. Praise the Lord! No more whining from me for a while!

Today I am going to do the food shop.  I know, I’m too much! BUT recently I have turned into Slack Alice and NOT planned the weeks food, and indeed gone out every other day, willy nilly buying bits and bobs all week – without a plan!!! Well, this is all very well for the maverick mother in me, but frankly it costs a bladdy fortune doing it that way. *I should know better*.

So not only am I about to create a nutritious, appetising and well-formed weekly meal plan, and therefore shopping list, I am then going to go and buy it before 5.30pm. This list has to cater for both DD’s not liking what the other one does and ‘not having pasta if we had it yesterday’. You will agree, I have turned into quite the Mrs Beaton to organise a successful weeks eating chez moi.

Shopping List

Hence do I go to Sainsburys or Tesco?  Sainsbury’s is a bit closer, but I swear that its more pricey, although I think I could afford a round the world cruise with my nectar points….  Tesco – bit more skanky here tbh, although huge and a better range in smelly candles (nice smelly, not yuk smelly), but I have lost my Tesco clubcard and keep forgetting til I get to the shop (apart from now, because I’ve mentioned it – I should order one NOW)… *switches screens and does so while you hang on*

Bugger – forgot – you can’t bloody order one online…. here is where the circle of me forgetting again starts. I almost get quite shitty with the checkout people when they ask me for it…. ‘No, I bloody haven’t – AGAIN!’

Can you tell I am a bit perkier? Can you?


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