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The tracks of my years

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I have mentioned in my ‘About Me’ page on this blog that I have a wide and varied music taste. Music for me, is largely about the memories certain albums, or tracks evoke.  My Dad loves music, and he has passed this onto me, from the youngest age I can remember certain parts of my childhood through the music that was blaring in our home and in various long car journeys.  Sunday lunchtime with Jimmy Saville’s – Double Top Ten Show playing while I waited for Sunday lunch,  hardly rock ‘n roll, but for me great memories of a simpler time.

My dad’s stereo had those massive headphones, with the cushioned earphones and attached by the curly wire to the Panasonic music centre, I would spend hours listening to records of all types, singing at the top of my voice to Abba, Evita, Stevie Wonder, Steve Forbett and Supertramp.

I had started out with Peter & The Wolf, narrated by Ben Kingsley I think, scared myself to death.  Also loved and was petrified by, in equal measure, Jeff Wayne’s War Of The Worlds. The latter I have on my iPod to this day. There are many more musical memories beside. But going through my iPod this morning I thought about all the memories that the tracks of my years evoke and I thought I would catalogue some…

1976 Isn’t She Lovely? – Stevie Wonder – The first song I sang, thought my Dad had made it for me, I still do. It’s our song. We dance a mean dance to it, me and my dad, I love it. It is the beginning of my music.

1976 Dark Side of the Moon – Pink Floyd – I think this went on for at least a year – still know all the words and loved getting into it again recently. As a girl I loved Money – with the cash till. Now I love it all.

1976 Frampton Comes Alive – I was 4! This is the first album I remember knowing almost word for word. I loved his voice through the magic tube. Hooked.

1978 Don’t Cry For Me Argentina – Julie Covington – from the original recording, my Dad bought it home from London one day when he was working there, we were all instantly in love. I adored Julie Covington’s voice. I still do. I had to sing this on demand for the grandmothers!

1978 Forever Autumn – Justin Heyward – from the wonderful War of the Worlds, Jeff Wayne. This song is just beautiful. It is so my song that evokes my Dad for me, although I loved Julie Covington as Beth on this album and Phil Lynott as the Parson Nathaniel, this is the song for me. I listened to this, time and time again, looking through the pictures in the double album, and scared to death of martians each night in my wardrobe!

1978 Can’t Smile Without You – Barry Manilow – I know pure cheese, but my Mum had a bit of influence with this and some Barbra Streisand and a bit of Tell Me On A Sunday, but I do still have a real soft spot for this cheesy sing along.

1979 Breakfast In America – Supertramp – I LOVED this album, still do. This makes me feel seven years old again, singing into a microphone and laughing at the funny ‘Logical Song’

1979 Off the Wall – Michael Jackson – I remember dancing to this at my aunt’s house in their games room, I was seven. I adored tracks from this album – the ONLY MJ album I have ever loved. Disco music perfection.  Seriously underrated as an album (says music guru genius me).

1980 Echo Beach – Martha and the Muffins – the first time I remember loving Top of the Pops. I loved this song. And tried to impress my Dad by liking it!

1982 Pass The Dutchie – Musical Youth – despite the promising start, this was the first single I bought. Can. You. Believe. It?

1982 A Town Called Malice – The Jam – Luckily, the song playing for my first ever snog was a bit more credible.

1983 Whitney Housten Album – my parents had built a house. We had lived in a caravan for two years on site.  Yeah, got called ‘Gyppo’ a lot at school. When the build was finished we went on a October weeks holiday last-minute to Corfu. It was the most horrendous ‘out of season’ holiday ever. About five people in the whole resort and two bars open. One of them had this on loop constantly, because the Greek waiter had nicked it from some holiday maker. This is ALL this song reminds me of. Crap weather, crap resort, crap accommodation and the smell of butane which made me retch from the little stove thing to have a cup of tea….

1984 Against All Odds – Phil Collins – Dumped by a boy called Phil Cooper at school. Because someone told him to! I was 12 – I think we went out for three days. I was suitably tear-stained for the lovely song.

1985 – Crazy For You – Madonna – Must have got a bit better with the boy scenario. This was bought for me from my first boyfriend.

1989 Promised Land – Style Council – weird I know – but was a mini-anthem for me on my first ever girls holiday to Majorca and a 17 yr old mad child.

1989 Only Yesterday – Carpenters – You know that really embarrassing thing you do late at night, pissed, on gin, with your best mate, singing and declaring love and slurring and all that?  Yep. This is what Jayne and I did it to.

1990 Do You Remember – Phil Collins – I went a ‘date’ with a Spanish man – from a Spanish village that my family have a house in, he was a friend of the family and it was not a romantic date, just to get me out of the village as I was the only teen on a six-week family holiday. He had this album on in his car, coming back up the mountain in the morning – think it was his only English album, but it was a beautiful morning, and this reminds me of ‘Heraldo’.

1990’s Somebody Else’s Guy – Jocelyn Brown and I’m Every Woman – Chaka Khan – my two clubbing anthems. Pure chick handbag songs that I loved.

1991 Love of My Life (Live Rio version) Queen – I really regretted never going to see Queen when Freddie was alive. I had had the chance too. I love this live recording and the love and the showman in him it shows.

1995 I Want You – Madonna – One of the best making lurve songs you’ll ever find. That is all.

1997 Mmm Bop – Hansen – I know. It was actually playing as I gave birth to my first DD. Tragic for her I always say. But the kid on the drums was cute!

1999 Drinking in LA – BranVan 3000 A crazy mad weekend in Paris with my friend and a bunch of Irish bar staff. Blaring out in a cafe when we left at 8am on a side street off Champs Elysee. Good times.

1999 Californication – Red Hot Chilli Peppers – went to a wedding in Bergen, Norway and apart from the cardiac arrest caused by the cost of everything, this reminds me of it as there was only VH1 on the hotel TV and this song seemed to be on loop. Always reminds me of eating Reindeer!

2003 Vehicles and Animals – Athlete – This was my soundtrack to my first six months living in Aberdeenshire – loved loved loved driving round the beautiful countryside to this album. It makes me ‘homesick’ for my brief time there.

2007 What If – Coldplay – The song that reminds me of my ex telling me he’d been having an affair. Love the song though.

2007 Canto della terra – Andrea Bocelli – Was lucky enough to get an invite to join a friend on her yacht in Sardinia, I’ve always loved this song and it was simply the best thing to have blasting in my ears as we sailed along the beautiful coast. Once in a lifetime.

2009 Everybody Knows You Cried Last Night – The Fratellis – My DD was in her school house-music competition in her house’s choir and they sand this song with live accompanying from their band and it was FANTASTIC – had not heard the song before – but it just worked for this – it was amazing. My DD’s and I love singing along to this at the tops of our voices in the kitchen together.

Of course I don’t love all these songs, there are many many many songs that I could mention, simply because I love them. But these are the main ones that I can remember, that instantly evoke that memory or time or feeling.

What are the tracks of your years? Or even your seminal tune?


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  1. revnardintheplace

    Which Michael Jackson Album was better?? Off The Wall or Thriller
    Check out my mix and let me know!!!!

  2. Nice posting. Know what you mean about songs linking to memories, both good and bad events.

    I remember being near-brainwashed with my Mum’s collection of early Chris Richard tracks, but my Dad was much better with proper Motown and the Beatles.

    Memories of their friends around for evenings where we’d all be singing along to tracks from the Sgt Peppers album. Still know most of those words now.

    Then there was my Northern Soul period, with loads of fun dancing and playing rare 45s with mates.

    Also recall a school trip to Switzerland for a week in summer, where the ‘hotel disco’ played stuff from Saturday Night Fever – which was just out at the time. Linked to memories of meeting some American girls also staying at that hotel. Not my first snog, but some memorable ones.

    Then there was all the gigging with Two Tone bands, and the Jam. Recall going to see The Beat in Guildford and getting beat up by some skinheads on the way back home again. A touch of irony.

    Thanks for sharing some of your memories on this. Like your [girly] club anthems too, but so many 90’s (and 80’s) numbers to choose from. Robin S still my all-time top club classic.

    Cheers, J.R.


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