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Walking to achiness

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Yesterday I went to London and walked nearly 20 miles! I met the other girls that I will be doing the

This isn't mine - but it's what I'm aiming for!

Moonwalk with for the first time! And we are all still talking! Ha.

We are doing the Moonwalk for Brea

st Cancer on 15th May (just two weeks away) and this was the final training walk before the real thing.

It was horrendous weather – we walked from Brockley to Greenwich, along the river and back again.  It was a good opportunity to get to know the other walkers, especially @SimplyLorna, who I met on Twitter, and who is a breast cancer survivor and responsible for me agreeing to do this crazy thing!  Lorna has also bought all fluffy glittery things to decorate our bra’s with for the walk – I shall be doing that this week with the girls.

Our fundraising page is – we are nearly at our target – I am genuinely amazed at people’s generosity and support – truly thought I was a bit of a billy no mates!

Today I am aching mildly, tired and still a bit cold!  Although being a dog owner, I am having to walk Hamish today and meeting Lady P with her spaniels at 4, so hopefully the crap weather that prevails at the moment may pass… I have done my bit of monsoon walking for one weekend!

Girls have gone to their Dad’s. Stu is in the states.  It’s quiet and peaceful at home, been to Sainsbury’s to get some treats and radox to ease my achy body later.

Is this the worlds most mundane blog update?  I bet its up there.


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