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What a difference a good Dentist makes

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I am scared of Dentists

Today the ongoing Dental-Saga played on. Scared off by the ‘Newbury Butcher’, I had managed to enrol at a reputable Dentist and cancel any further appointments at the butchers.

My experiences with the butcher have dragged on for weeks.  I have a broken tooth that has become infected twice. I have been there four times and have received no real dental treatment in that time.  When I asked what treatment I should have for broken tooth, the butcher would shrug his shoulders and say ‘it’s up to you’ or ‘If you want I’ll take it out ‘next time’.

I nearly asked his nurse if he actually knew what he was doing?, if he was actually a dentist? In between appointments (which were always about 3-4 weeks apart) the tooth became infected again. Therefore I would return to be told that he couldn’t take it out while it was infected.  I have now had three 5-day courses of antibiotics, but not a follow-up appt for at least another 14 days each time.

Yes I queried this, and pointed out that I wasn’t getting anywhere, but was told that *if* a cancellation came up, I could have it. Which it didn’t. When the Butcher eventually tried to take the tooth out, it was only after I had pleaded with him to actually do something. He still gave me the impression that he’d rather not, thanks. And still did not offer any advice on whether a root-canal was possible. His mantra was ‘it’s up to you’. It was agony, so, again I was sent off with antibiotics….

In the meantime, Stu also had an appointment there and appeared home with blood on his shirt from having a temporary crown fitted. I freaked.  I’ve never actually recorded it here, but I am petrified of Dentists.

Fast forward to today. I went to a well-regarded Dental Surgery that I have tried to register with on a number of occasions.  I was greeted by a young lady dentist (I am old, as she was way younger than me) who listened to my problems and story patiently.  She took x-rays and then had a look into the gob.

She explained that the tooth was definitely salvageable (not even offered by the Butcher) and explained, with drawings, how it would all happen and what state my tooth was in.  She also said that the other 4 fillings I was told I needed by our friend the Butcher, were not in fact required.

She made me feel safe, heard and explained it all to me.  I nearly hugged and kissed her. Truly. I go back in a week and I’m not panic ridden or dreaming up reasons to cancel.

As I rebooked I thought, that I had never realised that I have been lucky in all my years with good dentists until the Butcher, and that I would accept that I am getting on and be a regular visitor now.

Must dash and find the BDA website. I’m going to start being more confrontational and complaining.


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