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Summer is here!

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Blue Skies!

This morning heralded SUMMER!  Warm in the garden by 7am! Blue skies! I have even discarded my cardi!

A very boring week at work, Lady P has had some time off, which means our office has been quiet and boring and I have got some work done.

As my feet were healing from last weekend’s marathon (yes, readers *I* did a Marathon last weekend! Did you not hear?), my troublesome tooth began to start its familiar dull ache again.  With an appointment booked at 12 on Friday, I had told myself that I would probably avoid any ‘hardcore’ work in my mouth. Alas, this was not to be. The efficient Dentist Lady strapped me straight down in the chair, and there I remained for 1 hour and 10 minutes exactly. A root canal. Not painful, but not a procedure I would be first to volunteer for again.

I have a temporary filling in there and a dull achy, sore jaw from all the stuff that was shoved up and down the roots, in a bid to save them. I have to go back in two weeks for a crown fitting. I now feel incredibly old. Don’t you have to be 60 or something to have crowns? I blame the Newbury Butcher.

This morning I walked Hamish and it was beautiful. I laid in a field trying to be creative with my camera (ending up with a nasty grass rash on arms, reminiscent of when I actually used to roll around in fields for fun). I got a couple of good shots.

My mum is coming over later to have a wander around the shops. Apparently my Dad is upset with me as he was not mentioned in my Moonwalk post, ‘…and I bought the breakfast!’ he moaned to my Mum!  I have told her, to tell him that he IS mentioned heavily in the blog post called Tracks of My Years.

Spending time doing chores and unearthing summer clothes (not just because of the weather today, I’m not *that* sad, but because we are off on a weeks holiday next Saturday, and I am hoping for at least a couple of sunny days in Devon.)

Enjoy the sun…. it won’t be long before we are all saying ‘Remember those great days in May?’


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