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The Vuvuzela is like Marmite.

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Well, we are into the World Cup – there have been some down moments (Robert Green, I am talking to you) and also some moments that I already have loved (Paraguay going 1-0 up against Italy made me chortle, and Henri appealing for handball, then swiftly thinking better of making a fuss, was another.)

But most of the talk has been about the Marmite of the football crowd instruments – the Vuvuzela. It seems you either love them or hate them.

I agree that the bee-swarm sounding plastic trumpet is a monotonous sound over the TV and can be a tad annoying, however, it’s *the* thing there, and is it any less annoying than endless faltering renditions of ‘The Great Escape’ by a fat man from Enfield on his trumpet? (which always fades into nothing if someone else starts a rubbish chant from the same quarter of the crowd.)

Today, the Vuvuzela Ap is the most downloaded app for iPhones and iPads. Our IT guy @pduffy8 has downloaded it and he has already been given a verbal warning and has lost the few friends that he had in this office. Let this be a warning to you.

The BBC has been ‘inundated’ with complaints about the noise, and has asked for it to be ‘drowned out’.  Apparently they are looking at using the ‘Red Button’ option to provide a match coverage with ‘toned down vuvu noise.’ A decision is being made later this week.

Even some of the players have complained. But really?  How would we react to having overseas supporters telling us we couldn’t sing our tuneless chants or swear? Or wear football shirts a size too small?  I *think* our national supporters may have something to say about that.

For once, I wholeheartedly agreed with FIFA’s response.

FIFA President Sepp Blatter declared on Twitter: “I don’t see banning the music traditions of fans in their own country. Would you want to see a ban on the fan traditions in your country?”

And, there are players who have respect for the fact that they are playing in someone else’s country, and realize they should be embraced, not stifled.

England defender, Jamie Carragher, for example, told BBC last night that his daughters had already asked him to bring some home with him.

He said last night,  “Anyone who watches me play at Anfield will know that I am louder than the vuvuzelas.”

And if you support a team in the SFL, your MSP Margo MacDonald is proposing a motion to ban them from all grounds in Scotland!

Relax, it’s they way they do it there, fans don’t come back from Argentina and suddenly take to arming themselves with a family pack of Andrex to take to a game and lob onto the pitch.   Similarly, we don’t hear French or Spanish supporters singing ‘there’s only one Barcelona!’.


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  1. Hahaha I liked this article, and as a season ticket holder at Blackburn Rovers, I can say that some of our fans DO throw loo rolls onto the pitch at games!

    View my blog to see my discussions on both the Robert Green issue and the impacts of the Vuvuzela at this world cup.

  2. Good one. I kinda am getting used to it!!

  3. I had friends in the office? Whish I had known this before I whipped my vuvuzela out!


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