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… and about the World Cup

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I am aware that my excitement has nose-dived – and no, this world cup has not been all I had hoped. I have not been able to bring myself to discuss this rationally or coherently until now…

However, I would like the following points noted;

  • South Africa have excelled themselves in hosting a fab tournament – and I for one have loved the Vuvuzela’s and the passion and love the African Teams have displayed.
  • England’s only saving grace is that France and Italy were worse than we were (just)
  • We cannot go on blaming the manager – who, up until this tournament was hailed as being wonderful. We have overpaid, huge egos, who are now acting like petulant spoiled Diva’s because they ‘do not agree’ with the manager or have had to tow the line.
  • We can also not whinge about the goal that WAS. I do not agree with those that say we’d have ‘tried harder’ if we’d have been drawn at half-time.  That makes it even worse. Giving up and ‘professional’ are not two phrases that go together. Ever.
  • I was never, ever as confident at the headlines were – see pic….
  • Even though England were dire and disappointing I would have felt better if they had shown any emotion or passion during their disastrous tournament or their exit.
  • Japan and Ghana have been amazing to watch
  • USA totally played their hearts out and NEVER GAVE UP – they left with huge admiration and pride in themselves
  • I still can’t stand Harry Kewell
  • Tim Lovejoy’s Tweets have been great. He deserves a World Cup Show next time, in Brazil.

And as much as it galls me I must admit the Manager of the tournament, who shows the skills and passion in abundance is Maradonna. It is a great thing to watch. (And I haven’t forgiven him remember)

After this tournament I would rate the following countries above England…

  1. Argentina
  2. Brazil
  3. Spain
  4. Germany
  5. Holland
  6. Uruguay
  7. Ghana
  8. Paraguay
  9. Chile
  10. Japan
  11. USA
  12. Portugal
  13. Ivory Coast
  14. Mexico
  15. South Korea
  16. Slovakia

I’m still enjoying the tournament and I am excited by the matches this weekend (even though I’m at a wedding 😦

I’m off to put my (small) flag away til 2012. And based on my above rankings… we’d be lucky to make the last 16 in Europe now too.


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