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In which I’m chasing my tail…

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Our Beach Trip

I had a very busy weekend – Friday was my birthday meal out with family, Saturday was DD2’s school fete and BBQ, Sunday – DD in fun-run, then at BBQ and a viewing of England’s best (sarcasm) footballers being trounced and humiliated by Germany. (The only good point is that I have Germany in my works sweepstake). Didn’t get home til 9pm.

I am now in the middle of the most manic week. Saturday I heard that I have let my house! Great News! Monday I learned that the house I had my eye on to rent had been let to someone else. CRAP news. So a search for a home before the 23rd of this month has started in earnest….

Monday was fab – Lady P and I went on another road trip – but this time to the gorgeous beach of Sandbanks in Dorset. We simply bought a supply of trashy mags, water and sandwiches and lazed in the sun – ALL DAY. We drove back through the New Forest and stopped off for ‘supper’ (well, I was with Lady P) in a thatched pub – t was a proper smashing day out! (although I burned my back to buggery)

I stupidly left my car at my parents house in Oxford on Friday night, Stu is away for a few days this week with work so I am having to walk or cycle….

Tuesday saw me working all day, viewing a house at lunchtime that most students would have turned their nose up at, then Lady P and I met Amanda, at the pub straight from work, she had been in Oz for the last six months, so a catch up was essential.  Four Sol’s later, I skipped home to walk the dog and cook dinner… (my DD’s were at their fathers btw!)

At this point chez moi has had no grocery shopping for over a week….

This morning – I walked about 2 miles to a seminar at a Golf Club – relieved when I reached the Golf Club gates on time – forgetting that their ‘drive’ was about another mile!  I arrived panting and sweaty… classy.

I’m also trying to search for two outfits for a two-day Indian Wedding that we are going to this weekend (one of them HAS to be evening gown), also forgot until 11pm last night that I have to book the dog into the kennels….

This afternoon I cycled uphill about 1.5 miles to view another house, which in itself is a nice house – but has cream, shag-pile, swirly patterned carpets throughout and green work tops!  Homes and Gardens dreams were shattered!! Took a detour on the return journey to view another house – another big no-no. Am beginning to panic….

DD back tonight and is in a show at the Theatre so need to go and walk to pick her up at 9.30ish tonight, just waiting for the other one to come home from Athletics…

Why am I always feeling like I am running round in circles getting nothing done?



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