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Charlie the Pigeon Killer

This week has been hard. But I am nearly through the hard-stuff now.

I am off to an Indian Wedding this afternoon,  a friend of Stu’s is getting married.  Tonight is in Surrey (cocktail dress) and tomorrow is a Black Tie event in Poole, Dorset.

I have been in a dilemma about what to wear, had three failed shopping missions and finally found a dress yesterday afternoon….

Today I had to rush around town to get a new pashmina, and some sparkly accessories…. I am now done in. Collected the dry cleaning (dress for tonight and Stu’s two suits) and am due to start packing at 3pm to leave soon after.

The hotel Stu has booked for Saturday is a chocolate themed hotel?! I’ve just had a look and apparently there are Chocolate Fountains available for each room and daily chocolate stashes as standard!! lol.  Serves us right for leaving the booking til the last minute!

The venue for the Poole wedding is the Italian Villa – which is beautiful. (and the food looks good too!)

Dog is off ot his kennels with his ‘duck’, cat will no doubt continue his massacre of the Newbury pigeons… My friend is staying to look after the evil homicidal maniac, I bet she doesn’t pick up the carcasses everyday….

Oh, and still have nowhere to live at the end of the month 😦


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