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Wedding Weekend

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I’m just back through the door.  We’ve had a lovely (if very manic) weekend.

We have been to a two-day Indian Wedding, of a friend of Stu’s that he worked with on the Camel Trophy with and the Land Rover G4 Challenge.

Friday night was the ceremony and cocktail party at the brides family house in Surrey.  We were late to arrive (courtesy of the M25) and had had a mad 20 mins to get ready before our taxi took us into the depths of the Surrey countryside to a huge Arts & Crafts Mansion in its own forest.  We were not the last to arrive, and among 300 guests we were not obvious in our tardiness.  Sadly we missed a lot of the 2 hour service and rituals, which was a shame.

The venue was stunning, the colours and the costumes were beautiful.  The marriage was between an African Indian and an American Indian, the families were so welcoming and huge! A great atmosphere. We had a vegetarian feast, which was some of the best Indian food I have eaten.

We left as the Bride and Groom had their ‘leaving ritual’ which was lovely and very emotional for the families. The saddest thing for me though were the results coming through on my phone as we travelled back to the hotel, Ghana having lost on penalties, and the reports that I had missed two exceptional games during the day.

The next morning we left Surrey and joined the mass exodus of the M25, M3 towards Bournemouth/Poole, the second days venue, on a scorching hot day the traffic was heavy with beach goers.

Again, we got to our ‘chocolate themed hotel’ with just 30 mins to change… after a quick scrub up, we left in the taxi to go to The Italian Villa in Poole, which was a great setting for an Indian Wedding, the blurry iPhone pic shows the gardens. They were beautiful.

It was a registry service, followed by an amazing wedding breakfast with an Indian twist. Again, fabulous food.

The speeches were great, met some lovely people and danced away in the evening to a great live band (intermittently checking on the footie scores, I was seated next to a German Dentist, or as he became known later, The Dancing Dentist, during the meal so he was VERY happy with the results.)

We staggered back into the hotel late Saturday night (maybe a *tad* tipsy) and was greeted by a chocolate fountain about 4ft tall! Sadly, I was too stuffed to ‘dig-in’ a la Vicar of Dibley.

This morning I luckily had a chocolate free breakfast of smoked salmon and scrambled eggs, then reluctantly made our way home to collect dog, food shop and start laundry etc…. 1,2,3, we’re back in the real world.


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