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Cake, Pics and Softball

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Today has been a full-day.  I started off this morning with a quick dash to Reading to pick up a cake I had ordered for work. The cake(s) were three big numbers (145) denoting the number of years service, four of my colleagues had spent with the company! I got them from of friend of a friend that makes delicious, wonderful cakes called One was chocolate, one vanilla with jam and the other a fab lemon cake.

Then I organised a photo-shoot with the fab Simon Apps from for the new management board at work, and a few cake/staff pics etc…

Popped round to Lady P’s before we went off to a corporate Softball Tournament. While waiting for her to change, her spaniel jumped up on my lap and pissed all over me…. lovely! I didn’t have time to change either. I tried washing it out with water and soap, but could swear that I could whiff warmed up dog pee all day….

We played some other accountants and solicitors and banks at Softball – usually we are by far the worst!  But we actually finished second (to the organisers, who donated the winners champers to us, which was very civil of them!)

I am home late in the evening, just about to shower the pee smell off and collapse. My DD, Ellie took the photo at the Softball. She has so much of her mothers talent! 😉


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