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I Hate Moving House

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I have moved 8 times in 14 years – which works out at 1.75yrs at each home. Mostly I’ve moved out of choice too, not because I’ve needed to through work. Mad.  And every time I have moved, I have sworn that I will not do it again for ‘years’.

And now I’m almost on Move #9.  I hope.

I’m actually very much in limbo.  I’ve rented out my house – the tenants move in on 29th of this month. We won’t hear confirmation on the rental home we are going to until the end of this week (huge fingers crossed!) We are planning to move on 23rd (next Friday) – which will mean I’ll have one week to pack a packed-to-the-gunnels 2 bed house, plus organise a professional clean, and all the landlord stuff for my house.

It’s been a nightmare finding a decent rental in Newbury – a huge dearth of anything decent, decently priced, that accepts pets.  I viewed loads, and been outbid (most going over the asking price) and missed out on some before they even can arrange viewings.  But hopefully, this one will go through ok. And it’s one that ticks all the boxes.

I’m hovering between not packing ‘too-much’until I get confirmation, in case I jinx it! And also constantly thinking ‘I should be doing more’.  ARGH. So the house in a semi-state of agitation.  I have, however, cleared out the airing cupboard in anticipation, so that’s one tick for my ever-expanding list.

The things that are now coming back to me in floods of dread and familiarity, and the things that I hate about moving (which must have been wiped from my brain, like childbirth) are;

SORTING OUT THE ODDS N SODS DRAWERS – yes, plural! You know those drawers that you stick spare batteries in, string, post it notes, broken pencils, fuses, take-away menu’s, screwdriver, old out of date phone charger, a few random paper clips and a dried out Prit Stick? (no? It’s just me?) I have sorted THREE of those drawers.Which have decreased a bit in ‘stuffed-ness’ but are still unsightly and will be moved ‘as is’ now.

PACKING BOXES, BIN LINERS, & BROWN TAPE – how I haven’t amassed enough of these items to be self-sufficient by now is beyond me.  Starting to pack stuff that you haven’t used since you moved in here, labelling and also collecting every newspaper you can find for wrapping…. And of course if you get ahead of yourself and pack things that you unexpectedly need three days later? Grrrr.

MOVING VAN AND VOLUNTEERS – Another thing that winds me up, the right size van, bribing family and friends to lend a hand… Only once have been lucky enough to have a removal company do the whole kit ‘n caboodle for me – it was amazingly decadent! (but funded by my then generous employers).

METER READINGS AND CHANGING ADDRESSES WITH UTILITY COMPANIES – need I say more? One big hassle and cost. A crap time.

CHANGE OF ADDRESS – The zillions of people/companies/institutions that you have to notify of your move.  The list is endless. Driving Licence (ok, I haven’t exactly done that on *every* move) DVLA, Council Tax, Banks, Phone, the list goes on…..

HELPFUL GUIDES – those guides that tell you to pack the ‘Open Me First’ box last and have it with your tea-pot and shortbread cookies ready in…. yeah, like I EVER get that right…

UNPACKING – A gradual job, and one that means you lose things for weeks, (even though you have been MEGA careful packing in system from the other end and labelling everything that didn’t move)

But apart from that I am looking forward to having some space – just still on tenterhooks, if the rental house, doesn’t come good this week, I’m really in the shit.


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  1. 8 times in 14 years! Ouch! MAybe you should keep those boxes?


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