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I have been a busy girl…

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Long time no blog….

Since I last blogged, we have packed up my house and taken 4 lorry loads to storage… how on earth it all fitted in my ickle two bed I’ll never know.  I have spent two days cleaning the place in a bleaching frenzy, ready when it’s rented out at the end of this week. Tomorrow the carpets are being cleaned and I will do a final mop through of the wood floors and then I’m outta there.

In the meantime, we are living with my parents in Oxford, until the house we are going to is ready on 6th August.

I now have to make that dreaded list of all the things I have to do/change/notify…. addresses, bills, meter readings etc.

I also landed a new job last week, so I’m working 2.5 days a week for the next four weeks notice at work, trying to fit in a load of stuff that my current boss wants doing before I leave.

So it’s all change – girls off school for the summer, change homes, change jobs – luckily I am having a week off in between finishing one job and starting another….  I will need it.

I have been in a state of constant angst about this for weeks and now I hope that it’s slowly coming to an end of the stress period!

Hopefully I can soon start talking about other things! I am driving Lady P mental, we stayed at the Manor last night and I even made her clean my kitchen… she’s still in shock.


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