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I’ve been a bit busy

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Well, we have now been in the new house a week.  I have finally managed to empty most of the boxes. I have managed to lose the ones with our pictures/photos in at the moment. I think it must be buried in the garage by mistake.

It’s lovely to have so much space after being cooped up in my little house, there’s a place for everything, and it seems we had way more ‘stuff’ than we thought we had…  Evil cat joined us at the weekend (after a sabbatical at my parents) and it seems there are a lot of places to hide here as well.  The walks from here are on the doorstep and beautiful, the local pub has decent wine and a good menu (been tested three times in one week – well, it’s to get to know the locals you see…) and apart from a strange elderly neighbour that wanders up and down the street with a glass of wine in his hand and a look of hopefulness that you may engage in conversation with him, it’s a perfect place for us. (Yes, I know I will probably be found out with him a couple of nights a week soon).

The pic btw is the castle that is about 3 mins walk, up a footpath by our garden…

I also have only 1.5 days work left at my current job! (tomorrow and Friday morning) And I still have about 20 items on my ‘to do before you leave’ list! Including a bloody seminar on ‘networking’ tomorrow.  Another ‘wing it as you go along’ special from me!

We don’t have broadband til the weekend, so I have not been able to upload lots of pics on Flickr or Blip much, this is also the first evening that I have got near the mac.

This week I have my leaving ‘do’ (jointly with another leave’ee) on Thursday night, we have Stu’s cousin and his family coming for the weekend, then I have a week off before starting my new job (and yes, I am quietly crapping myself).

A brief blog post to update my two readers with.  Rest assured that I will be a tad more interesting (hopefully) with my next blog post….


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  1. Lady P was sufficiently “poorly” after room mates leaving drinks….

    And is now home alone in new office which I have been banished to – which I have renamed “the cupboard”.

    Missing you moody moo

    ps thought would give your blog a read as it may be slightly more uplifting than my usual daily ;o) xx


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