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So, I’ve just got back from the shop and I have purchased two lucky dips for tonight’s EuroMillions Lottery Draw.  Two, because one of them is definitely not going to win.

I was feeling a bit lucky as I queued for my egg sarnie, and as its my DD’s birthday I thought I oughta give it a go.

Purchased my tickets and the man serving me called me by my name, which made me a bit surprised as it’s a shop that I have never been in before, near my work and I live over 30 miles away from work. Could this be a sign? (yes, I know I had a name badge on, but not many people *actually* read it and address me as Emma in a shop).

Then I looked at the ticket and the first two numbers were my mum’s and my birthdays. Another sign. For sure. 

Then I realised that, actually I have just started a new job and they’d be really cheesed off if I didn’t turn up on Monday… I also need to pay a few bills this month that I have been putting off… it’s really something that would make a good rags to riches story…

So, as I’m munching my sarnie (and ignoring the moans about the ‘smell of egg’ in the open plan office – who cares? I won’t be here next week, this is actually my last day – theoretically) I’m beginning to mind-map how it’s going to ‘change my life’ when I win tonight. Because, readers, it definitely will.

I even toyed with the idea of opening up a blank excel worksheet and starting to categories and dateline the spending plan, maybe a gant chart would follow?

So my list begins with

 – opting for no publicity. Yes I know that my readers may get a hint when this blog becomes all interesting all of a sudden and I start to actually have a life, but on the whole I don’t want to feel under pressure to start donating millions or save the local mother and toddler group, until I have talked to the financial advisors. (or perhaps when I have a toddler that will benefit?)

– decide how to play my employment out – I could be honest or I could leave after a week as I’m on probation at the moment anyway.

– pay off every debt I own.  I may even pay off the remainder of my parents mortgage (I am, after all not greedy, I doubt I’d miss the £15k)

– start looking at houses – and by that I mean a proper search a la Kirstie & Phil, I would have to retain my main residence in Berkshire as the children are settled at school and still have to see their family etc. Somewhere rural, with land, not too huge (no more than 5 beds) maybe a cottage in the grounds for my parents (as long as not attached) which includes a flagstone kitchen, aga (or one that I can bung in there pronto)

– order myself a Discovery 4 3.0 TDV6 HSE and maybe a little RS5 or Continental GT? But not brand new – that’s just obscene.

– Arrange trip to the city to shop non stop, for all those little luxuries that I never get.

– Have a holiday – to start planning what I’m actually going to do.

I’m thinking I’ll need some down-time as planning in itself will be very tiring.

Anyway. back to reality.  Have loads to do.  Have a good weekend and I will keep in touch x I won’t be like those other lottery winners. I’ll not change a bit.


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  1. I have to admit that I spent a lot of time pondering the what if’s, I think me and my husband spent a good few hours deciding how we would split the moolar…no such luck though, ah but the what if’s. Glad I’m not the only one who likes to dream big, lol. PS Timmy Mallet was my idol too, you gotta love mallet’s mallet.


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