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Reasons I’m a thankful Moo

Yeah, you guessed it – I didn’t win the monster euro-millions jackpot as I am back here, but with a slightly more upbeat post.

Although it’s not my usual kind of post (normally moaning and being a bit whiny) but I saw a similar kind of ‘thankful for’ post among the blogs I read and I am unashamedly pilfering the idea for this post.

Had a good weekend – nothing earth shattering, exotic or wild, just good. It’s got me thinking of all the things that I DO like about my life (while I’m waiting for my lottery win to come in).

Home – we have recently moved and I love our new home.  We’ve just finished adding some more furniture and new curtains and hanging some pics, it’s looking more homely and cosy all the time and we are actually looking forward to having a full-house for Christmas.  We’ve had the girls with us this weekend, been to the fair, watched the programmes we love together, had some nice food, my parents over for a lovely sunday lunch (Heston’s 9 hour Belly Pork thing, really nice) just finished the Sunday night homework, uniform thing and the girls have been really good (for them) this weekend. SMILES

Friends – I have some great ones, they are small in number but huge in fun and support. They are great.  Lady P is back from the South of France, we walked the dogs together this morning to catch up (well, she did all the talking, I didn’t get a chance. Although you will never believe that). Over the next couple of months I have something pencilled in with all my best friends and family and it feels good.  I am very lucky. LAUGHTER

Work – well as I haven’t got the lottery win, I have to work.  My job is still in its early days but I am getting more familiar and effective by the week, its hard work, but really interesting and I am learning loads.  I do like it, I’m quite lucky to enjoy what I do. LUCKY

Stu – being happy and content as I am now is something that I don’t take for granted. After a fair few years of not feeling happy, loved or appreciated its a lovely, cosy and reassuring thing.  The only downside is that being miserable was good for weight-loss. Separation and divorce is still the best diet programme ever. I am more rotund and have muffin tops where ribs used to be, but I’m also sleeping through the night and don’t have that constant knot in my gut anymore. It’s worth it. For sure. LOVED

I just need to get back on the exercise, healthier eating, photography and I will be there. As good as it gets and appreciating all the good. COMPLETE


Although this positivity does now make me worry about what could go wrong as I sound a right smug cow. 🙂




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  1. Well, it is nice to see comments about the positive aspects of (your) life.

    As for upset and weight loss going together, and muffin tops appearing – there are of course issues people have with being over-weight, but if being happy and comfortable means a bit of extra comfort in your body, so what.

    Losing weight is not the most important thing. People do seem to get hung up on dieting/appearance, rather than on just being happy and contented. Achieving both may be good, but the latter is *much* more important than the former.

    Off soapbox now…


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