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Crossing the road with Mark Owen and Ice Skating with Lee Evans

Believe me, this post is not as exciting as its titled. Not by a long chalk!

I heard some people this morning talking about all the famous people they had met at different events and places.  It made me giggle to myself as I have the most dull and obtuse ‘celebrity anecdotes’ I’ve ever heard anywhere.

I must have the most hilarious ‘non-eventful’ celebrity spotting tales in the world.  Most people have ‘spoken to’ one or more of their idols, or met through work a number of celebrities or famous people. Some stories are impressive and funny. Mine are hilariously sad!

My first ever ‘celebrity spot’ was Sting.  Nothing shabby about that you may say?  Well, it was actually the back of his head, at London Zoo and I was about ten years old (my Dad had pointed him out) and I would have been more impressed if it had been Timmy Mallett (who, I may add, I have never seen.)

My second encounter with ‘celebrity’ was when Sharron Davies came to open the Weston-Super-Mare Lido after a re-fit by the company I was working for. She was as snooty as you like, and there for about 4 minutes flat.  Although at the time she was married to Derrick Redmond and he was quite chatty. Exotic huh?

Do you see the theme here?

Then one day, I was at a pedestrian crossing in Paris, wondering whether I’d cross the road and retain my life or all of my limbs, when I glanced up to the person who was waiting beside me (well, actually I glanced downwards) and realised I was eyeballing Mark Owen. I did a double-take and he gave me that ‘yes, it’s me, are you really chuffed?’ look.  I kind of did a really pathetic half-smile and missed the crossing opportunity.

And the most recent, which was about 4 years ago, was when I shared an outdoor ice-rink with Lee Evans.  Sounds a hoot huh? Actually there were about 100 of us in an hours session at the seasonal ice-rink they set up outside the National History Museum. He looked about as happy I did (I’d not long found out my ex was having an affair.)

So, there you have it, apart from comparing thigh sizes with the ex international rugby player Victor Ubugo, that is the entire stock of my celebrity anecdotes.

You can’t have any crappier ones can you? Unless you *have* actually met Timmy Mallett?


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  1. Alas, seeing that I’m a bigger celebrity than the Queen of England, it’s very hard for me to get excited about meeting minor ‘celebrities’. although I did get a bit shy when I first met Terry Pratchett.

  2. I went on a cruise in 2008 and guess who was on board with his wife and son? Yup. Timmy sodding Mallet. Honest. See here. We went on the same boat trip…..

    You didn’t miss much.

    • I’d have swapped Sting for him too in 1982!

    • Oh My – LOVE that he is still in his “character outfit”… according to Chris Evans this guy is a genius…. but I find it sad when 20 years on people still “dress” as at the peak of their fame for fear of not being recognised anymore… like Nick Rhodes (duran duran)…

  3. hhhhmmm well:-

    Barry Manilow (was a complete diva with entourage and looked a state – in a restaurant in Birmingham china town – we were requested not to look at him when eating everyone has a right to privacy!!!)

    John Craven and his sons – same restaurant, same night – VERY down to earth, great fun and suprisingly attractive and didn’t mind me joining their table to sign serviette and call my mom screaching..”you will never guess who I am sat with”…..

    Darren Day – what an ar** – kept walking past to get my attention – wouldn’t have realised it was him if it wasn’t for the fact he had the obligatory 75 stone bodyguard with him with security written on the back of his chav shiney bomber jacket and eventually some girl screaching “o my goddaaaa it’s darren day cooeeeee I love youuuuu”… he ran off down the road back to the theatre (chuffed at his recognition) but not until he had given me a good snigger trying to push a door for 2 minutes and panic starting to set in when other girls realised who he was – that was clearly a Pull to open…

    Ulrika Johnson – very moody and agressive vibe – but upon reading the nationals next day could understand why – we bumped into each other literally – she was quite cross.

    Heather Small (M People) think the size of Kylie then shrink by 10 fold… tiny tiny tiny – completely adorable fun kind n sexy lady

    Edward Woodward – I was racing round brands hatch and he was filming “new professionals” complete with 3 nurses as he was not well.

    the bird from the 3 degrees – neighbouring table at Henley

    cliff richard, lionel blair @ sat next to at wimbledon

    My idol – Princess “the goddess” diana – totally awe inspiring and a memory will treasure for life

    Bill Clinton (n Hils) – Tony Blair (plus cherie)- the electricity, the ego, the sexiness – another memory for life truly take your breath away moment – the power is immeasurable of bill clintons aura – cannot believe lucky enough to experience that moment in time

    Spit the Dog – robbed my sisters hat (with cilla black – another diva)

    Christopher Biggins – nough said.

    kevin McCloud – grand designs – made me blush like a teenager – VERY attractive – husband found it hillarious

    Fergi (as in sarah fergusson)

    Prince Charles – shook my hand and told me off at the same time! – also unexpectedly attractive.

    Errrm Alice Coopers hanger on errrm I mean best mate….

    Paul Daniels & Martin Daniels – can’t say where or when – private (egos – not attractive ones)

    Cheggars n bruno brooks – but thats common in newbury

    John McCruick told me I wear too much make up and doesn’t like kissing women who wear too much liggloss – well that’s a relief I told him reapplying.

    My fabulous husband

    Someone I don’t like admitting to – gary glitter – how could we not know!!!!!!

    People I would love to meet but know it’s never good to meet your idols, Kelly Jones, Paul Weller, Noel Gallagher….. so probably only best they just sing to me rather than chat so I don’t shatter my dream.

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