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My Best of in 2010

So what did I think was my ‘Best Of’s…. of 2010’?

Best Food: Has to be dusting off my slow cooker and giving it some use. I have had some amazing slow cooked meat this year, Beef Bourguignon was a particular favourite, and I always prefer winter food to summer food. (It’s because I love comfort food, and lots of it.) The other slow cooker winners were Pork Shoulder Goulash and a Beef Ragu.  This year (I hope) to introduce a Moody Foodie page, so that I can share my lovely foodie thoughts – recipe of the great beef bourginon recipe will kick off, and have a place to keep my recipes.)

Best Wine: Without a doubt some great finds this year.

In the ‘Affordable  & Good Red’ category: Gestos Malbec – It’s a savoury wine with some depth, some ripeness and charm. It’s not the most refined wine you’ll ever drink, but for the price, it’s more than good and it is tremendously food friendly (obviously a huge tick for me).

‘Affordbale & Good White’ category: Champteloup Sauvignon Blanc 2009 Touraine.  Touraine is a great Loire white to save a fiver on if you really love Sancerre and Pouilly Fume. It has a depth, fresh elegance and a full-flavoured grassy, lemony freshness. In other words. Yum.

Best Restaurant: This year has been a bit uneventful in the restaurant stakes. But we did have a good meal with the kids (who formerly loved Wagamama’s – which we can’t stand anymore) at Satsuma  in Wardour Street. It was amazing service, food, and portions. We had a fab meal, and would not hesitate to go back. Blew Wagamama’s out of the water.

Best Book – well I am an unashamedly chick litty reader.  I have read quite a bit this year, and enjoyed a fair few aga sagas too. However, I have just started Dawn French’s new novel, ‘A Tiny Bit Marvellous’ and already it is. (although I am biased as I love the woman.)

Best Film – again I don’t watch a lot of movies so I am never gonna be a good judge here. But Toy Story 3 was fabulous. The best of the trilogy and made me guffaw and sob in equal measure – always the mark of a great film, that. Please Pixar, do not spoil it and do another. That was a fab ending to the story. And relevant as the the first film was when my eldest DD was young and Andy has grown up like she has… very mummy emotional! Much to their disgust!

Best Song:  I have a weird taste in music and there’s not a lot out there that really lit my fire this year.  But I did like ‘Nothing on You’ by BOB and especially my favourite Airto Edmundo’s version. Beautiful.

I will remember 2010 for….. vuvuzela’s, England being CRAP at football, and apparently a bit better at Cricket.  Chilean Miner’s being good news for once after seemingly months of horrendous disasters around the world.  Being made aware that actually GMTV was not actually THAT bad… a new job, a new house and a new state of relaxedness to my life.  I have gone off X Factor and back to SCD.  I now enjoy Newsnight and Question Time and really love puzzles and baking bread.  Jeeez. This time next year I may have a blue rinse, tena lady pads and a passion for steradent.

Happy Moo Year x


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