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Valentines In·dif·fer·ence

No, it’s not going to be another Anti-Valentine Vigilante blog post.

The kind of which, rubishes the way other people go googly for it in a big way. I read those and have a chortle, but I also don’t mind if people DO valentines. Horses for courses.

I am just indifferent, unconcerned and apathetic about the 14th February.

My indifference however, does not rain on others red roses or proposals, (of course if I am actually interested in the recipient) I can be happy for my cousin who has just announced her engagement (rapidly after her shock pregnancy announcement it must be said, so I think that the February 14th thing here was pure ‘luck’ for her other half). I can be (kinda vaguely) happy for the girl on my office floor who announced her engagement this morning too much squealing from her female and male colleagues. (I kept my head down below the partitions).

And for those who were married on Valentines or have their anniversaries on Valentines, I just think. ‘That’s nice.’ And think *did I say how blah I think that its OUT LOUD?* – I mean, why give the partner LESS opportunity to spoil you? Rolling birthdays, valentines and weddings into one day makes for a bloody long year between gifts, in my thinking.

Of course in with my apathy is a large dose of opportunism, of course I am not going to knock back a large bunch of lilies or freesias (I abhor roses, akin to carnations), or am I going to knock back a lovely token of affection from my man – but I absolutely draw the line at dining out on Valentines.

Once, when I was about 16, I went with my then ‘anxious to please’ boyfriend to a local hotel for a Valentines meal that he had booked. As we walked into the dining room it was like a sketch show – every table was two seater – cramming them in like an exam hall, with a red and silver foil helium charged balloon attached the ‘ladies’ chairs. (yes, you had to sit on the ladies ‘balloon’ chair, when seated) I have never been in such a ridiculous parody since. There must have been at least 50 people in the room, yet NO CONVERSATION and Chris De Burgh playing on loop.

Suffice to say that relationship ended by 15th February, it wasn’t him tho, it was me reasons and all that.

Since then my favourite valentines are those with a jokey small gift, no serious overblown, overpriced romantic gestures, no meals, no foil balloons and no cuddly bears holding a heart saying ‘I Love You’.

I’m a typical woman though. I would be really moody if NOTHING was done/said or gifted.


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