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Will I have a summer this year?

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Will I have a summer this year?

Over Easter I went to Spain for a two-week holiday.  The weather here in the UK was wonderful, in Spain it was rain and clouds for 10 days out of the 15 I was there.

I did have a lot of opportunity to visit places and do things I don’t normally do when I go to Spain (as I’m usually there in the summer holidays and its boiling) but what made the weather 10 times worse was seeing the news reports of the baking ‘summer’ that the UK was experiencing at the same time! Sickening!

My daughters are going on a summer holiday to Florida with their father and my OH is working away in exotic locations for all of the summer and autumn. Me? I will be in the air-conditioned office and turning aneamic through lack of sun.

It is the Brits biggest past-time to turn into weather bores. At the moment I am no exception to the rule. I have been told that the recent bitter northerly winds are continuing and that it will be ‘fairly nic til June and then rubbish for the summer.’ (No, that wasn’t the MET website).

I *may* have a long weekend in Portugal to look forward to, enough time to burn to a crisp before returning home agin to peel.

Moan moan moan.

Athough: I do appreciate the 2 week holiday, it was nice to get away, I just wish that it had been a bit sunnier – I wouldn’t have eaten and drunk so much then…


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