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Bloggers block

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Bloggers block

I have never been the most prolific, regular or great blogger.  I struggle with time and I struggle with bloggers block. I start a post and think it’s not working. I fail to find inspiration.   I want to change this so have been looking at other bloggers ideas on combatting bloggers block and wonder if they will help me.

Here are 10 of the ideas that I have found….

  • Keep an ideas log – ideally I’d love a battered moleskin notebook, that I whip out and jot down a moment of inspiration or a few choice phrases that will get me writing a witty and insightful post.  In theory, when I have tried this I don’t have the notebook, am forever changing handbags, which means I’d never probably have it when I need it, and also I am almost certainly the type of person that never has a pen.  I have tried to use my Notes app on my iPhone, but when I come back to read my notes I see a few random comments i.e.: ‘people in queue’ ‘red shoes’ and wonder what I could have possibly been thinking of at the time… I should get better at this and be a bit more descriptive in my note taking. Verdict: won’t give up this tip, but must try harder.
  • Change your surroundings – Walk around and the ideas will flow? I find when I am walking around I can’t think of something to blog as I am trying too hard or literally to gain inspiration… However, if I was to blog in different surroundings i.e. internet cafe, library, pub, maybe I could do a great ‘people watching’ view on the world? Verdict: yes, I think I will give this one a go.
  • Free writing – The idea is to start writing randomly and you will ‘happen upon’ a great perspective or idea and get your creative juices flowing.  This tip makes me worse and actually only increases my talent in ‘doodling’ (I’m a circles kinda doodlist btw.) Verdict: Nope.
  • Other bloggers  – Well, obviously.  Idea is very simple. Read what others write and be inspired by their subjects or style. In practice I am poor at this. Firstly, I always feel I am plagiarising, secondly I never seem to think of how I can link to that blog post or continue and expand on its theme. (Are you beginning to think the same thing? Emma, you shouldn’t really be blogging.)  What I will try to do though, is add some effort to this idea:-  I am going to look through the archives of bloggers, look at blogs outside my normal range. Verdict: A goer. or a trier anyway.
  • Bounce of my archives – sounds fun.  Although, by my very nature I am limiting myself here! Look back through your archives and be inspired to a) give an update to this time last year b) change your opinion on something you wrote and link to your earlier post c) see if your predictions came true? The same is true of looking at a popular post (if you have one) and revisiting the subject.  Verdict: One, I’m definitely going to try.
  • Write in a different style – This one is über brave for me, but kinda got me thinking (at last).  Write in a third person, rant, make up a fictional scenario or record a conversation you had… definitely one for me to try. Verdict: Good tip
  • Ask Questions – simply pose a question to your readers. Get feedback, this can get more ideas and debate for further posting. Verdict:  You need readers. I may have to bide my time with this baby.
  • Flip an idea – Look at something and flip it on its head – I have actually done this, Why I Love Twitter and 8 Things I Hate About Business Tweeting did this. Maybe I can actually get some mileage from this…. Verdict: Big tick
  • Collaboration – I am way to shy to ask for a guest blogger on my blog at the moment as its so dormant and dead, although I would be more ballsy about plugging it! I could think left field and use people who have not blogged before or members of my support team (friends or family) – that would be funny.  Joint posts with someone?  Or I could interview someone…. I’m immediately thinking of grilling my teen DD to see why she’s so ‘teen-like’. Verdict: A blog I will definitely try.
  • Lowering your standards – Ha! Definitely one that I can try.  I have been thinking that I really should be writing better blog posts, but in reality, I’m really very novice, so I just need to accept that and get on with it. Verdict: Yes yes yes.

So there we have it.  If I have missed any that helped you ‘get over yourself’ and blog more regularly, then please let me know… this post could then run and run….

Brace yourself, I’m getting back into blogging.


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  1. I used to blog up to four times a day, now I struggle to do that many in a month. I think I have pretty much said everything I wanted to say.

    I think I’ll take some of your suggestions and endevour to write more.

  2. Ireallydohate

    Interesting Emma.

    I’ve never felt the ‘urge’ to blog, but if I had something I wanted to share then I don’t think I’d need any of the above. Mind you, you know me always looking on the ‘bright side of life’ haha.

    As for you, you normally have a nice quirky slant on things, so use all of the above – look forward to your musings 🙂


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