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Super bored by not so ‘super-injunctions’

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Super bored by not so ‘super-injunctions’

I am bored by the whole Super-Injunction furore, I wonder at some of the perspectives in this whole sorry saga that I have read.

If you take the footballer who can’t be named, but everyone knows his identity, there are three things that I can surmise; nobody is shocked, nobody would have cared after two days and, if anything, paying to keep sordid secrets secret helps no-one but the lawyers, lets face it these injunctions are not very good are they?

Time to talk tough: If you are going to cheat or be unfaithful – be prepared to deal with the fall-out. (I know, these are some really ‘out-there’ ideas…)

Some comments drive me nuts.

Comment:  He’s such a great footballer, and such a family man….

How surprised are we that an over-paid footballer wants to have his cake an eat it? Personally, I would take some real convincing that there are any premiership footballers that are faithful. And are we really still interested?  He’s not my partner, or the father of my children, or the partner of a sibling or best friend. Plus – why does it make any difference if it’s a ‘great’ footballer or Robbie Savage having the affair? I hate this ‘well, they are a liar and a cheat, but he was a great footballer in his time…’ Relevance?  Apart from  the account manager for his sponsorship package, who the hell cares.  The fans don’t.  The away fans might, as it means they have got more songs to make up at the pub.

Comment: Well, if he’s got the money he can cover it up. She was only trying to make money out of him.

How surprised are we that he has the arrogance to pay for people not to ‘gossip’ about his philandering? Um.  The adage that ‘the truth will out’ is usually correct. If he is worried about his children being teased – don’t cheat. If he’s worried about being blackmailed and having a story sold on his sordid sidelines – um… don’t do it? For whatever cheap thrill he got from the adulation, lies and subterfuge, that’s the risk you take.  A story as old as the hills.

Comment: His wife will be standing by him.

How surprised are we that the cheated spouses in the majority of these cases seem to ‘soldier on’ and be able to forgive? A cynical mind may point to the lifestyle being worth the philandering and hurt? Again, I know of many similar stories within the business world. Money, fame, power. All powerful things when put into the equation of a broken vow or two.  It’s not the first time and it certainly won’t be the last.

Comment: Poor wronged woman has had her name dragged through the press…

I don’t feel sorry for the sad ‘scarlet woman’ either. Once again – it’s not as though any of these ‘wannabe WAGS’ are not aware of the marital situation. As she’s now finding, it’s not the nicest thing to be known for – even if she does earn a few quid from being the ‘other woman’ for a month or so until the next story breaks.

All in all, we learn from this that a) I don’t care b) I am not shocked and c) couldn’t care less who the other hundred or so injunctions are for either.  So there.


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