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A long long week

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A long long week

Last week was my birthday. Yey! 39! That’s about as exciting as it got.

I did have a nice birthday, thank you. But I have had one of those weeks that have felt like a month.

My 14yr old DD had a Spanish exchange boy come and stay from last Friday night (midnight!) until today.  He is a lovely boy, my affection for him grew when he presented me with a lovely bottle of vino tinto from his Grandfather’s winery and a huge bottle of lovely looking olive oil from his town. (It did wain a bit this morning when he walked dog crap through the house though, I’m not a ‘morning person’ and I was running late, and I had to take this in my stride. Hats off to me.)

They have had a good week though, very busy – which is just as well. Saturday they were out all day with their mutual friends and to a bbq in the evening.

Sunday we took them all to London (yes, on the hottest day of the year, and from what it looked like the student visit to London day of the year.) which was much appreciated and enjoyed. We did the changing of the guard, pictures with guards at Horseguards, Big Ben, and South Bank (then I was ready to cry.) The girl students begged to go to Abercrombie and Fitch and Top Shop… My DD owes me BIG time. The four supervising mum’s looked like we were just all about to have nervous breakdowns while waiting on the sweltering train to leave Paddington at 5pm.

All week he went to school with DD with my boring packed lunches, Monday night they went to the local open air pool, came home for half an hour to scoff pizza and then went to a friend’s house for a chocolate fountain ‘pudding party’.

Tuesday, he went to Windsor Castle and in the evening they went bowling.

Wednesday, Winchester in the day and then the evening at the Theatre after a pizza in a restaurant (yes, Mum is funding all of this.)   And last night they had a ‘meet-up’ at our house and then to another house.

With all the extra running around this week (among this the younger DD still had her various clubs etc) I feel like it’s a month since I had a glass of vino (it’s a week tomorrow) and I am dying for a lay in (won’t be tomorrow as younger DD has two friends over for a sleep-over tonight.)

I am a wimp. An old wimp.  And where the hell is my Mum of the Week Award?


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