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I have recognised today that I am in a slump.  Bang in the middle of a slump.

Slump, n: A period of decline or deterioration, which a person performs slowly, inefficiently, or ineffectively

Since recognising my self-prognosis, I have felt even worse. My symptoms are:

  • Tiredness. Always tired. Always want to sleep
  • Lethargy.
  • Lack of mojo. Or motivation. Whatever.
  • Lack of interest. Nothing ‘rings-my-bell’ at the moment
  • Feeling unwell. Not ill. Just not right.
  • A stonking stye in my eye that is weepy and wholly unattractive. (and I can see it out of the corner of my eye.)
  • Spotty. I’m 39, for gods sake.
  • Feeling constantly behind. At home. At work. In life.
  • Feeling ‘hard-done-by’, ‘not appreciated’ a.k.a ‘sorry for myself’.
  • Moody (haha that’s not really a symptom as that’s normal)

I have had a busy couple of months. Lots of things going on and lots of people to worry about and cater for.  I am an only child and although I relish ‘being needed’ I also crave solitude.  It’s been a long time since I have had solitude. And I feel selfish for wanting it.

I have another busy week and heavy on the emotional side as well.  At the moment I am in limbo. Functioning but not effectively or efficiently.  I need to be prescribed some me-time. In the middle of nowhere.  Now that would be as welcome as the euromillions jackpot tomorrow night.



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