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So then I accepted a diet challenge…

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Anyone who knows me, knows I cannot stick at diets.  My previous two attempts have resulted in a 7lb loss and then me getting disillusioned and then drunk.

I crashed onto the bathroom scales on Monday morning, and was shocked to see I was the heaviest I had been (excluding pregnancy) ever (give or take 5lbs).  I had also been feeling (and looking) bloated, chosing clothes was a nightmare as everything doesn’t quite fit properly and looks different on as its stretched around a lardier physique.

So, seizing  the opportunity of feeling disgusted with myself, I re-joined Weightwatchers online and set off on another diet.  I also saw a nifty challenge called ‘Loose 2st by Christmas’.   Never one to normally engage in any ‘target’ motivators, this one hit the mark,  I would have a deadline and something to achieve.  I joined this challenge a bit after their beginning, but the aim was 2lb per week, which would put me on track for a 1.5 stone loss by 19th December! Imagine that! My target loss and looking like a foxy minx with the mince pies and mulled wine!

So I’m doing it, and I pray to Rosemary Connolly that I stick to it this time.  I am on day three and I already feel really good, less bloated and the WW plan is easy to track online and the ProPoints thingy they do means you can have a treat on a weekly basis.  A glass of wine is only 2 points (I think a G&T with slimline is only 1!) but I am definitely not drinking in the week and am toying with the idea of 11 weeks off the booze until Christmas as well….

I know! I’ve changed!

I wish me every success in my endeavour to become less of a woman 😉


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  1. Good luck with this & I hope it all goes to plan for you. You can come & join me for a run if you want to!


  2. Big love! Im on the 1st till Christmas challenge with nearly 2 st to shift in total. 4 weigh ins on over half a stone gone. I love WW anyway but the new plan is the best yet, I’ve never lost 4 weeks in a row on any other plan & I’ve been far from saintly! The weekly points allowance allows fun & flexibility.

    Best of luck sweetpea, you’ll be grand x

  3. Good luck on the diet! I’ve been off the booze for 46 days now! You can get off the floor from laughing now. We went to Cornwall at the beginning of September with the neighbours had a big blow out at Jamie Oliver’s restaurant and the deal was set then. Simon and I have a run (The Grim Challenge) in December and decided to give it up until then. With the extra training and no alcohol I’ve lost 8lbs, I was starting to get a gut – turning in to Dad! The hardest thing is situation drinking, wine with the Sunday roast or a glass of red with some pasta. Do I feel any better? Not really, will I start again? Yes but probably the odd one here and there but it probably won’t take long to slip into the old habits.

    All the best!


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