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Moody Moo’s Fat Fighters Interview

Since you last saw her, Moody has actually shrunk a bit. She joined Fat Fighters ten weeks ago and she has changed… She is interviewed here by a bored bystander, who hopes that an interview about her weight-loss and diet will get it out of her system and shut her the hell up… we can but hope…

What was your heaviest weight, what do you weigh now, and what is your goal weight? At my heaviest I was 11.5stone – that’s non-pregnancy weight of course! At the moment I weigh 10.5stone and my goal weight is 9 stone 12 (realistically it will be around 10 stone).

What is your number-one motivation for losing weight? Fitting back into a lot of my favourite clothes, being happy (er) at what I look like in underwear/swimwear and pictures of a less ‘fat-faced’ version of myself.

Have you always been overweight? I have never been extremely overweight and I have never been really skinny. I did go down once to 9 stone through stress and depression but that was too low for me (5’9) and it made my nose look massive!

When you feel like giving up, what inspires you to keep going? The fact that this time I have lost the most weight ever (intentionally) and that I have done really well to have lost a stone and it hasn’t felt like it’s been a BATTLE. Measurements as well as just the weight has been a huge help, and also getting back into clothes that were too tight before…

What is the one thing you look forward to most when you reach goal? The achievement as I have been a failed dieter many times – and I am dreaming of getting back into my best pair of jeans I ever owned! If I can get there, there are a load of clothes I can wear again. And I will feel so much better in myself and get the lush underwear back on.

Do you have support on your weight-loss journey? The online community at WW is great for sharing tips and support as well as seeing other peoples journey at a similar pace to yours. Really reassuring and would recommend to anyone – I don’t go to the meetings as they are not for me, but I do like this online support network a lot. I have other friends on Twitter across the country that are also on WW and that’s supportive too. My DD is really proud of me and my OH has been very complimentary.

What is your favourite exercise? Long walks with the dog. I hate running and it cripples my back, I don’t mind cycling. I love BodyPump, but I can’t commit to a regular class and sometimes I have done a bit of Davina DVD at home. But being honest – not so much.

What is the most important thing you have learned on your weight-loss journey?
Portion control. I was eating, and sometimes out-eating my OH who is 17 stone and 6’4! Cutting back on alcohol and also being aware of drinking more non-alcoholic fluids. I am happy with slow and steady as this seems to be harder to ‘mess-up’. There is nothing I CAN’T have and my tastes have changed immensely.

What is the one thing you have had to give up, that you miss the most?
I really miss doorstep white toast with lashings of butter and peanut butter. I crave that more than anything else. Everything else I have not really missed that much or I have taken the healthy version or alternative. I was drinking 2 large glasses of wine every night – even when I now have one at the weekend, that is enough and I don’t want anymore. Result! (Can’t say the same about Gin though!) I also like Green Tea, Fruit, Bran Flakes and Sprouts (raw) now. How annoyingly cliché.

What is your strategy for losing weight?
I track using my iPhone WW App which has really helped me stay on track. Being aware of the points of things and being organised with your shopping helps enormously too. Also not to beat yourself up if you have an off-track weekend – each new day you can start again, and get back on track.

There is still the last 7 lbs to go, which I feel will be slow, but assured. And in the meantime it will be christmas! Interesting, in a house full of foodies that have already planned 3 days of menus and wines.

Is this the LAST we are going to hear from you about weight-loss now? *crosses fingers*

Well, you can be sure as eggs is eggs, I will be screaming the place down if I hit goal in the new year and end up back in *those* jeans. But relax, you have probably until the end of January to worry about that.

*rolls eyes, exhales*


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