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My 12 Days of Christmas Tweeters Message

I have done it again.  I bought the cards, I wrote them. I even addressed them. They are still sat in a pile in my kitchen and I have missed the last day for 1st class post in time for Christmas.  I also found the pile of last years cards, addressed and non-stamped in a bag of wrapping things last night.  I am so bad.

So instead of e-greetings, which I hate, I have decided to do a virtual message of Christmas cheer to those online buddies who if it were *real-world* (and I wasn’t a rubbish correspondent) I would be exchanging cards and some 12 days of Christmas presents with…


On the first day of christmas my Partridge in a Pear Tree  present goes to the fabulous and gorgeous @PeacockPete – it’s the closest I could get to a peacock,  Amazon were out of them, but with a bit of glue and some coloured feathers no-one will know the difference.  My wish is also to see each other in 2012! Have a wonderful Christmas gorgeous.



On the second day of Christmas my Two turtle doves present goes to @MrStu69 – you know why and it couldn’t be a nicer, more perfect gift for a lovely chap.  He has one major fault, that being the team he follows, but as I am a very generous person, I have given him the benefit of the doubt and like him anyway.  Plus the fact he lets me beat him at Words with Friends regularly. Have a great christmas Mr Stu.




On the third day of Christmas my Three French Hens present goes to the lovely @RaeMck – one of the few online pals I know IRL and used to work with way back before my twitter life.  She is kind and funny and sometimes very direct, I love her when she ‘says it like it is’.  I read her Coop and the Gang blog about her lovely chooks in preparation for when I get some in 2012 when I move *hopefully*.  Have a fabulous christmas Rach, I chose the Three French Hens as you have three and maybe in their family tree there is some French breeding way back? x


On the fourth day of Christmas my Calling (or Colly) Birds present goes to @CaptainFlashman who will need the birds to keep in contact with all his twitter chums and family when he starts his new exciting role in the New Year in Europe. He did tell me where, but I would have to kill you if I told you.  He leaves Winchester and that means my moans about the direness of the A34 Hell Road will be a solo past-time from now on. Sad times. He also needs a few good wishes as he is a Blackburn fan, poor guy.  Enjoy your time oop North with the lads 🙂


On the fifth day of Christmas my Five Gold Rings present goes to @saarflondonbird as a token of five bits of good things that are going to happen in 2012! Or five rings that she happens to be given by five rugby playing hunks?  She is a feisty and lovely bird who deserves all those and more 😉 Hope you have a fab Christmas and a stunningly good new year!


On the sixth day of Christmas my Geese-a-laying present goes to @demererabird for feathering her lovely nest (aka SVH).  She can use the eggs to bake her lovely Lemon Drizzle cake and more for a cake sale that I can contribute funds to her planned expedition this coming year Everest Base Camp. She’s a lovely local tweep who I really should meet this year 🙂 Hope all goes well and have a wonderful christmas 🙂




On the seventh day of Christmas my Swans-a-Swimming present goes to  @RockChickGill who is the most elegant and lovely lady gliding through my twitter feed. She is also protected by the Queen 🙂  Hope you have a happy christmas Gill and thank you for being so lovely.  2012 is definitely our time to meet – see you at the Boat Race for an Oxford v Cambridge drinking date?



On the eighth day of Christmas my Maids-a-Milking present goes to @NateFitzgerald – the maids can provide him with lots of free milk to help with the catering requirements for his Christmas guests, ample Christmas milk and cream for Linus. Also the odds are that one of the maids with the dairy supplies will pass Mrs Donaldson’s approval and may become more than a milking maid to Nate in 2012.  Keep on writing. I love it and read it, even when I don’t comment. I hope you are feeling a bit better and have a successful 2012 x



On the ninth day of Christmas my Ladies Dancing present goes to the feisty and funny @gillian_b and @nicnicus who always make me laugh and their bickering is something to behold. Gillian is also known to dance in  the office (if she’s there alone). Hope you gals had a fab time in NYC and have a great Christmas and very happy new year.  Thanks for the entertainment 🙂



On the tenth day of Christmas my Lords-a-Leaping present goes to @KingofAnkh  whose late night twitter DJ sessions are funny – especially if he has been at the wine. A clever boy who loves University Challenge and is a music and film geek too. Lords was the closest I could get to royalty with my Christmas shopping. Have a god Christmas x



On the eleventh day of Christmas my Pipers Piping present goes to the fabulously talented baker girl @HairyMcFairy wishing her ten pipers to help her in her piping for all those wonderful cakes and cup-cakes she bakes. I am campaigning for her to be on the Great British Bake Off in 2012, so join me. Have a wonderful Christmas Annie x



On the twelfth day of Christmas my 12 Tweeters Tweeting wish goes to 12 of my other regular tweeters as they keep up a steady rhythm in my feed. Thank you all for some entertaining tweetage this year 🙂 @CateColes, @rutthenut, @_andythehat, @andrewlindsay, @eleanorc, @snowgirl72 and @thorn_waite, @ValiBG, @Jake_in_notts, @nigel_richards, @Nigel_Morgan and @cooda.

A tenuous post, but full of Christmas cheer!

A very merry Christmas to all.

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