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Resolutions Wins and Fails

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Happy New Year!

I have finished putting away all traces of Christmas and just about managed to cram all left over food in before starting my new years diet (almost).  Back to work tomorrow (boo).

I usually make resolutions and fail within days or weeks of making them. Even already on today – the 3rd of Jan I have failed one – I was going to upload a photo a day and already failed on that yesterday.  I started today with bran flakes and good intentions – I have just eaten a load of biscuits. Fail.

There are a few things that I know I will probably achieve this year;

  • Move house – locally but somewhere that is a long-term house with some land or outbuildings for my parents to build or convert. This will also entail me selling my house in Newbury. Probably.
  • Lose the final 7lbs to hit my target weight. I now know that I can do this (yeah, I know today doesn’t sound very promising but in my defence I am not back to work yet am I?)
  • Being 40!  I know that I have no choice in this but it is a bit of a landmark year and I should make an effort to do a few things that I have always wanted to celebrate my grand age
  • Some kind of change in my work-life. I don’t know what, but I can almost guarantee that I won’t be in the same place this time next year.
  • Stay in my favourite Hotel, The Feathers in Woodstock, this I will achieve as my lovely Mum bought us a night and meal there to be taken before April. Yey!

There are a number of things that I would LOVE to do but probably won’t achieve;

  • Blogging more often.  I wish I had more interesting things to say so that blogging more often was feasible, plus having the time to blog more frequently would be nice.
  • If we move then a long holiday we were thinking about in San Fran while Stu is working out there all summer may be a no-no :0(  Although I am still hoping to get to the Americas Cup in Venice or Naples, which will be new for me. I also hope at some stage we may sneak a weekend in Paris in as its my 40th year and its my favourite city.
  • Get better at photography, flirting with a 2nd hand SLR and not using so much auto stuff, although I am addicted to Instagram for sharing and Camera+ for taking the pics.
  • See more of my friends and family that I don’t see enough of as I am always on the treadmill of working full-time and spending the weekend cooking, shopping, washing and cleaning.
  • Read some more books and at least three classics. I am such a lazy reader and go for the easy reads. I should stretch myself.
  • Dye my hair Titian.  I have always wanted to. I’d love it.

So a happy and prosperous new year to all! Let’s get on with it!


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