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About Moi

I am a moody hormonal thirty nine year old mother with nothing incredible to share.

I have two girls,  a dog and an Evilcat.

I am an only child. (in case this blog doesn’t make it blatently obvious)

I work in business development for a law firm.

I love food, cooking, wine, walking the dog, weekend breaks, holidays and waiting for my lottery win.

A few of my favourite things:

FOOD – I love eastern food the most, Curries, Fench, Greek, Italian and classicly good English grub.  I know, its shorter to say that I just like FOOD.  A few things that I don’t like are : Broad Beans, Offal, Creme Caramel, Marrow, Banana flavoured sweets, Crab (well, it doesn’t like me) and turkish delight. You’d have to be pretty unlucky to have whipped all that up for dinner if I came to your home.

COOKING – My food hero is Nigel Slater. I bought Appetite when I was 25 and I was hooked by his writing. A bible, not a cook book.  He is a cook with the most erotic foody writing style.  I also like Stein’s eastern style and recipes and pick up a few firm favourites from Dame Delia and early Jamie.  As I’ve aged I’ve started to do my own thing too. It’s not Nigella (thank god – think of the thighs?) but I reckon I could take on Tana. (would poop self if faced with Rachel Allen though – as I’ve always taken the piss ot of her style).

DRINK – Tea on the whole – builders, none of this green, camomile or Earl Grey malarkey (although I do want to try the smokey one, lapsang souchong?) Coffee, but only when the mood is right and the coffee’s good.  Gin & Tonic (Bombay, Hendricks and Plymouth), Bloody Mary’s (done proper like from Raoul’s in Oxford) Sancerre, Pouilly Fume/Fuse, Merlot, Tempranillo. I can’t get on with Whiskey or Brandy (though lord knows I have tried).  Beer? Only lager and once in a while – Asahi or Peroni being preferred.  And if I have to have a cocktail, Singapore Sling please.

FILMS – I don’t have the patience for a lot of films and I am quite flaky in what I do like; Ma Belle est Vie, Moulin Rouge, Evita, Steel Magnolias, Godfather’s, High Society – there are others but I don’t like listing all the normals that everyone else does. Am funny like that. Not funny ha ha obv.

BOOKS – On the whole I will read any old crap (as my writing style can demonstrate) but I do love Bill Bryson as he makes me laugh – out loud – I love the cranky old bearded men.   I loved Nigel Slater’s Toast – his auto-biog.  I read a lot of fiction, usually female authors – no sci-fi, murder or war stories. Still have to read up lots on the Peron’s as it fascinates me.

MUSIC – Mmmm.  I have a funny relationship with music – a wide range, but most have memories attached or some significance.  Again, no patience to sit through new albums usually – to my loss I know.  I won’t list Artists as its normally only for one or two of their songs.  Only things I don’t like are Country & Western, Techno, Incessant Rap, Thrash Metal or hardcore Opera.

FAVE PLACES – I’m seriously underweight in travel, but I love Paris, the Lakes, Scotland, Oxford, Wales, Sierra Aljmeiria….  still on my tick list is Thailand/Sri Lanka/New Zealand/Argentina/Chile/Canada/Mongolia/Southern Ireland.  Been to, liked, but didn’t fall for,  Barcelona, Dublin, Morocco , Sardinia.


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  1. I’ve also really enjoyed reading Bill Bryson’s stuff.
    You might want to read some of the books by Mike Gayle, mostly mid-thirties lifestyle humour. I think his books are very entertaining.

  2. Bill Bryson – Notes from a Small Island is HILARIOUS, a commentry on the brits by a very witty yank who lived here for years. Then I’d read a short walk in the woods.

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