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I have recognised today that I am in a slump.  Bang in the middle of a slump.

Slump, n: A period of decline or deterioration, which a person performs slowly, inefficiently, or ineffectively

Since recognising my self-prognosis, I have felt even worse. My symptoms are:

  • Tiredness. Always tired. Always want to sleep
  • Lethargy.
  • Lack of mojo. Or motivation. Whatever.
  • Lack of interest. Nothing ‘rings-my-bell’ at the moment
  • Feeling unwell. Not ill. Just not right.
  • A stonking stye in my eye that is weepy and wholly unattractive. (and I can see it out of the corner of my eye.)
  • Spotty. I’m 39, for gods sake.
  • Feeling constantly behind. At home. At work. In life.
  • Feeling ‘hard-done-by’, ‘not appreciated’ a.k.a ‘sorry for myself’.
  • Moody (haha that’s not really a symptom as that’s normal)

I have had a busy couple of months. Lots of things going on and lots of people to worry about and cater for.  I am an only child and although I relish ‘being needed’ I also crave solitude.  It’s been a long time since I have had solitude. And I feel selfish for wanting it.

I have another busy week and heavy on the emotional side as well.  At the moment I am in limbo. Functioning but not effectively or efficiently.  I need to be prescribed some me-time. In the middle of nowhere.  Now that would be as welcome as the euromillions jackpot tomorrow night.



Super bored by not so ‘super-injunctions’

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Super bored by not so ‘super-injunctions’

I am bored by the whole Super-Injunction furore, I wonder at some of the perspectives in this whole sorry saga that I have read.

If you take the footballer who can’t be named, but everyone knows his identity, there are three things that I can surmise; nobody is shocked, nobody would have cared after two days and, if anything, paying to keep sordid secrets secret helps no-one but the lawyers, lets face it these injunctions are not very good are they?

Time to talk tough: If you are going to cheat or be unfaithful – be prepared to deal with the fall-out. (I know, these are some really ‘out-there’ ideas…)

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Bloggers block

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Bloggers block

I have never been the most prolific, regular or great blogger.  I struggle with time and I struggle with bloggers block. I start a post and think it’s not working. I fail to find inspiration.   I want to change this so have been looking at other bloggers ideas on combatting bloggers block and wonder if they will help me.

Here are 10 of the ideas that I have found….

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Valentines In·dif·fer·ence

No, it’s not going to be another Anti-Valentine Vigilante blog post.

The kind of which, rubishes the way other people go googly for it in a big way. I read those and have a chortle, but I also don’t mind if people DO valentines. Horses for courses.

I am just indifferent, unconcerned and apathetic about the 14th February.

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My Best of in 2010

So what did I think was my ‘Best Of’s…. of 2010’?

Best Food: Has to be dusting off my slow cooker and giving it some use. I have had some amazing slow cooked meat this year, Beef Bourguignon was a particular favourite, and I always prefer winter food to summer food. (It’s because I love comfort food, and lots of it.) The other slow cooker winners were Pork Shoulder Goulash and a Beef Ragu.  This year (I hope) to introduce a Moody Foodie page, so that I can share my lovely foodie thoughts – recipe of the great beef bourginon recipe will kick off, and have a place to keep my recipes.)

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Crossing the road with Mark Owen and Ice Skating with Lee Evans

Believe me, this post is not as exciting as its titled. Not by a long chalk!

I heard some people this morning talking about all the famous people they had met at different events and places.  It made me giggle to myself as I have the most dull and obtuse ‘celebrity anecdotes’ I’ve ever heard anywhere.

I must have the most hilarious ‘non-eventful’ celebrity spotting tales in the world.  Most people have ‘spoken to’ one or more of their idols, or met through work a number of celebrities or famous people. Some stories are impressive and funny. Mine are hilariously sad!

My first ever ‘celebrity spot’ was Sting.  Nothing shabby about that you may say?  Well, it was actually the back of his head, at London Zoo and I was about ten years old (my Dad had pointed him out) and I would have been more impressed if it had been Timmy Mallett (who, I may add, I have never seen.)

My second encounter with ‘celebrity’ was when Sharron Davies came to open the Weston-Super-Mare Lido after a re-fit by the company I was working for. She was as snooty as you like, and there for about 4 minutes flat.  Although at the time she was married to Derrick Redmond and he was quite chatty. Exotic huh?

Do you see the theme here?

Then one day, I was at a pedestrian crossing in Paris, wondering whether I’d cross the road and retain my life or all of my limbs, when I glanced up to the person who was waiting beside me (well, actually I glanced downwards) and realised I was eyeballing Mark Owen. I did a double-take and he gave me that ‘yes, it’s me, are you really chuffed?’ look.  I kind of did a really pathetic half-smile and missed the crossing opportunity.

And the most recent, which was about 4 years ago, was when I shared an outdoor ice-rink with Lee Evans.  Sounds a hoot huh? Actually there were about 100 of us in an hours session at the seasonal ice-rink they set up outside the National History Museum. He looked about as happy I did (I’d not long found out my ex was having an affair.)

So, there you have it, apart from comparing thigh sizes with the ex international rugby player Victor Ubugo, that is the entire stock of my celebrity anecdotes.

You can’t have any crappier ones can you? Unless you *have* actually met Timmy Mallett?

Reasons I’m a thankful Moo

Yeah, you guessed it – I didn’t win the monster euro-millions jackpot as I am back here, but with a slightly more upbeat post.

Although it’s not my usual kind of post (normally moaning and being a bit whiny) but I saw a similar kind of ‘thankful for’ post among the blogs I read and I am unashamedly pilfering the idea for this post.

Had a good weekend – nothing earth shattering, exotic or wild, just good. It’s got me thinking of all the things that I DO like about my life (while I’m waiting for my lottery win to come in).

Home – we have recently moved and I love our new home.  We’ve just finished adding some more furniture and new curtains and hanging some pics, it’s looking more homely and cosy all the time and we are actually looking forward to having a full-house for Christmas.  We’ve had the girls with us this weekend, been to the fair, watched the programmes we love together, had some nice food, my parents over for a lovely sunday lunch (Heston’s 9 hour Belly Pork thing, really nice) just finished the Sunday night homework, uniform thing and the girls have been really good (for them) this weekend. SMILES

Friends – I have some great ones, they are small in number but huge in fun and support. They are great.  Lady P is back from the South of France, we walked the dogs together this morning to catch up (well, she did all the talking, I didn’t get a chance. Although you will never believe that). Over the next couple of months I have something pencilled in with all my best friends and family and it feels good.  I am very lucky. LAUGHTER

Work – well as I haven’t got the lottery win, I have to work.  My job is still in its early days but I am getting more familiar and effective by the week, its hard work, but really interesting and I am learning loads.  I do like it, I’m quite lucky to enjoy what I do. LUCKY

Stu – being happy and content as I am now is something that I don’t take for granted. After a fair few years of not feeling happy, loved or appreciated its a lovely, cosy and reassuring thing.  The only downside is that being miserable was good for weight-loss. Separation and divorce is still the best diet programme ever. I am more rotund and have muffin tops where ribs used to be, but I’m also sleeping through the night and don’t have that constant knot in my gut anymore. It’s worth it. For sure. LOVED

I just need to get back on the exercise, healthier eating, photography and I will be there. As good as it gets and appreciating all the good. COMPLETE


Although this positivity does now make me worry about what could go wrong as I sound a right smug cow. 🙂



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