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Supporting Roles

These are the supporting charachters in my mundane mootings. Picked as they happen to be around most of the time (through choice, biology and ownership).  They are a mixed bunch but play their parts well.



Stu/OH/Reggie windswept and interesting

OH/Stu/Reggie is my other arf. Likes the gadgets and scores points for bestowing them on me for dual use and boyfriend bonuses. Works for America’s Cup and is away a lot, likes bikes likes the outdoorsy stuff, occaisional running but luckily loves good food and fine wines which saves his bacon.





DD1/Ellie The eldest of my progeny, is now a moody teen, now much moodier than me. (Bloody cheek).  Loves being lazy, moody, untidy, lethargic and spending *hours* in the shower.  Annoyingly gorgeous and slender but unfortunately (for her) a lot like me.





DD2/Beth The youngest and loudest! A born entertainer and very funny. Accents and stand-up should be a GCSE for her.  Loves cooking, drama and dance.  Bit huffy when the mood takes her, but not moody and broody like us other wimmin in the house. Dirty laugh.





Dog/Hamish is a Curly Coated Retriever who is the most needy (for affection) and friendliest 12 stone dog around.  My second curly and an absolute gent.  He puts up with Evil Cat who beats him up regularly. Loves his walks with his mates and his squeaky duck. He carries tree trunks on walks and loves a raw chicken wing or three.




Evil Cat

Evil Cat/Charlie – he’s a right git. He wasn’t planned and I think he knows it. He kills things, beats the dog up, nicks food from us and Hamish and attacks people using the stairs.  He waits until I fall asleep and then jumps on the velux windows on our bedroom to come in. He is a royal PITA




Lady P


BF/Lady P we used to share an office and she rocks. Our dogs are good friends (well, when they don’t run off into the horizon) Great belly laughs to be had and a worthy partner-in-crime to brighten the dullest of my days (most of them) She even appreciates my Friends addiction. I miss her now we are not working together. But we still see each other at least once a week.

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