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My Death Row Supper

Post Image I’ve been on weight watchers, or fat-fighters, as I like to call them, for three weeks. It’s going well.. so far. Today they have a  ‘Friday Theme Blog’ idea: ‘What would be your Death Row Supper?’  What a great idea! (the blog, not putting me on death row). I have replicated mine here.

Firstly, I wonder how much time I would have in custody deciding on this meal? This decision could keep me occupied for months! And obviously I would look amazing – something like the picture, is what I have in mind (although, god knows who all those people are…)

This did indeed take me ages and I have thrown out all kinds of favourites… but I finally decided on the following gut-busting, button popping, glutton-fest of a menu…
Pre-Dinner Drinks: Raoul’s (cocktail bar in Oxford) Bloody Mary with Black Pepper vodka, followed by a huge G&T with Hendrick’s Gin.

Starter: Foie Gras (I will be dead soon so won’t feel the guilt) with Melba toast and washed down with a fruity Merlot.

Main: Roast Rib of beef with claret and anchovy gravy, yorkshire puds, and rumbeldethumps and some white pudding. Washed down with a full-bodied Claret.

Dessert: Lemon tart with a chocolate fondant on the side. Sauternes to wash down.

Cheeseboard: Crusty warm bread, brie (so runny its like a pancake), Hartington Blue, Roquefort and a sweaty cheddar. With Grapes (hey, I used to be on WW).  I’d drink Zinfandel with this.

To finish: Cappuccino with a couple of big mouthfuls of handmade chocolate truffles and fudge.

For the road to ‘heaven’: A huge glass of Brandy.

What would yours be?  *goes back to my tuna salad and reality*.

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