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Work, Anniversaries, Births, Deaths and Marriages…

I’m sorry (mostly to myself, as I don’t have readers) that I have not blogged for weeks.  I am a slacker. Although to be fair I have experienced all of the above in the time that I’ve been silent on the keyboard.

I’ve now been in my new job for 16 days. And boy what a change.

Joined at a busy time in a large firm, loads of deadlines that are a lot of work when you know what you are doing – let alone when you don’t know who does what, where they are, what they’ve been doing for the past year and what’s planned and coming up!  Are you with me?

Travel about 30 miles each way and so far *touches head* there has not been a nightmare journey… (I’m mad to tempt fate typing this sentence, right?)

Homewise it’s all been busy too.  Stu has had an eye op. He discovered at a routine eye check that he had a partially detached retina and they don’t know how or why or when it would ‘fully-detach’ so he had the op last Tuesday.  Since then he has really been wiped out and uncomfortable.  He’s been signed off for two weeks.

Right at the time that my car decides to pass out and play dead.  Luckily he’s not driving for a week or so, but then it will be tricky.  Right at the end of the month after not being paid for six weeks either – right bloody nightmare.

I’ve also been on a Hen Weekend to Bath. I even went for a Pole Dancing Lesson. Not something that I think I’ll be rushing out to do again. But we did have a laugh. It was lovely to spend drunken laughy times with my cousins.

My parents have had their 40th Wedding Anniversary (it makes me fee faint). Dad whisked Mum off to NYC and she came home with a new rock on her finger.  I’d stayed at home and caught up with laundry.

My friend has had her third child, a little girl called Clara.  Welcome gorgeous girly!

Then we had my cousin’s wedding last weekend, a lovely day – she had arranged it all herself and it was stunning, a marquee in their garden – classy but really relaxed – a great day (and night). Stu had to go home early as the smoke machine played havoc with his recovering eye, so I felt it only right that I stayed on the dance floor til 1am. Then ate my body weight in taramasalata and then staggered up the road to my parents house.

Sadly Lord P’s beloved granddad passed away this weekend too. Very sad and I raise a glass to his memory.

It’s Beth’s 11th birthday soon, she’s also off on a weeks school trip to deepest darkest Wales somewhere. She has been sent a packing list from school that would challenge most international jet-sets luggage requirements. I hope her bloody wellies still fit. Then Ellie brings home her application form for a Spanish exchange trip…. another bloody £300. *tuts and rolls eyes*

So there you have it. The world according to a busy working mother, lover (although not with the eye patch thing) daughter, cousin, friend and owner of deceased car.


I promise to (myself) to be a better bloggist.

Pros & cons of moving back with the parents… as an adult

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Ok, so I am back in my childhood home.  I’m 38, have two children, a partner, a dog and a cat.  I’ve moved home with my parents for two weeks before we move into a new house.

Of course we have been back here to stay on the odd weekends and holidays, but this time its like ‘real life’ for two weeks. There are lots of pro’s and con’s to this;


  • We get on really well. As with all parents, they have their annoying traits, but on the whole we actually get on well.
  • FREE FOOD! and more importantly, this hiatus at home has coincided with my mum’s retirement, which means I have kinda gained a housewife for a couple of weeks!
  • Great laundry service – no sooner does it hit the laundry bin, then its whisked off for a hot date with the hotpoint.
  • Dog sitting/child sitting on tap!
  • Space… its a lovely house with space for us all, we can all be on our own if we want!
  • Brownie points – a great earner. a) they love us being here as we ‘want to be’. b) by pitching in and helping out in small ways it’s appreciated and brownie points abound!


  • Having to talk a lot more! Parents do love a lot of conversation at the breakfast table huh?
  • It’s a 25 mile trip to work…
  • The presents that we will buy to thank them!
  • Listening to my dad’s thumping music/tv until the early hours (I always forget how loud he is)
  • The heat! My parents house is always so bladdy hot – it’s like being in the med, sleeping with only a sheet
  • Having to report in what time we will be home for dinner
  • Having to keep up with my ironing – mum doesn’t like it to ‘gather dust’ (i.e. it’s been dry an hour)

I make fun of it, and it’s a great help and really not bad at all… although if it was for any longer…. they do seem to have a negative influence on my spending, eating and drinking habits… i.e. they encourage all three!

Still it’s only til Friday – by that time, I may have a different report to make…

Things I like now… now I’m old

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It’s my birthday this Friday. I will be 38 years old. I can’t believe it.  I really don’t feel it.

I got an early birthday present from my parents on Sunday (as they are away, gallivanting around France on my actual birthday on their Goldwing, resplendent in leathers and bi-focal sunglasses.) It’s a watch. A beautiful watch that I have wanted for a long while.

But it made me think – when did I start liking and yearning for watches?  When did I start liking other things that ‘grown-ups’ covet? I know watches aren’t known as an ‘old-persons’ thing but, as a youngster hearing my Dad and Uncle ooohing and ahhhing over watches, I thought they were mad.

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