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Jurys Out on Jury’s Inn

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I am so going to rant on Trip Advisor this time. Just like ranty man’s review I read last week of this very hotel. Jury’s Inn in Plymouth.

I knew before I arrived that the parking situation was less than ideal. I had chosen to ‘temper’ the ranty reviews of this as being a bit OTT. They weren’t.

It’s a dingy car park, under Mecca Bingo. That should describe it well. It’s under the hotel too. Is there any direction to hotel residents? No. None. It’s rubbish.

It’s £10 per day parking. Oh, the night before you check out you can get a voucher for £6 instead of £10. wow.

So you have to walk 10-15 mins to update your parking everyday. (no helpful access to the hotel from car park.)

Checked in and the professionally unhelpful receptionist was just that. Didn’t offer newspaper option, credit card information (to enable tabs at bar, restaurant or room service) or anything that could be helpful.

Lifts – they can only be operated by keycard, one button at a time, and regularly go up and down the floors at random, it took 10 mins to go 5 floors, on more than one occasion.

Three of us in our room, one towel. Three small, rock hard pillows. We called for more and were told ‘as we are full we don’t really have enough’… ‘if we can find some we’ll bring them.’

First morning, our room door was opened and banged shut by cleaner before 8am!

Can I just say, I hate this £100 per night hotel? When I get home I am so getting Ranty on TripAdvisor.

I won’t be staying at Jury’s Inn again either. I tweeted them and nada. They make Premier Inn experience like Four Seasons.

*rant over* (for now)

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