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Monday on my mind

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Well, I almost feel refreshed this morning!  *WARNING* ‘Quite’ upbeat post about to be published…

I got so many chores done around my little house this weekend that I feel monumentally smug.  Painted the chimney breast (as I threatened to on Friday) laundry marathon, food shopping, cleaning and all by 6pm  Saturday, when I rewarded myself with a bloody good Bloody Mary. (and yes, thats TWO coats of paint, AND I used masking tape and stuff).

Went with my parents to the cosmopolitan shopping experience that is Costco on Sunday morning… as I said, I’m an only child, I am spoilt.

Found an amazing ring in Costco!  A whopper of an emerald cut Aqua – 7 carats – a great price for the ring too (a couple of thousand) but could you imagine being proposed to with a ring at Costco? Then having a 99p pizza after as a celebratory feast?  Although it was a stunner! – I’d have taken it and gone round the corner to up the celebrations at BHS.

Did you notice that I have scrubbed up my blog?  I have added lots of boring, in a trying to be funny way, information about myself on the wackily named ‘About Moi’ page?  Well my lovely room-share colleague and friend Josephine has said the picture makes me look like a War Respondent!?  I was looking for elegant, wistful and dreamy! Not to be compared to Kate bloody Adie, in fatigues, dodging car bombs in down town Tehran. I ask you.

Anyway – I did a bloody good job of the hairy pork belly – and the pudding (I am not a natural good pudding chefess) which was Apple Toffee Sponge and I tell you it was critically acclaimed as the find of the year so far (by my biaised parents, Stu and myself).

Oh yes.

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